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YouVersion bible

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What does it do?

This workflow searches Bible passages from YouVersion and copies verses to clipboard (and shows it to you with Large type on your screen). You can search verses from English or from Finnish translations. Supported versions are NASB & NIV (English) and 1992 & 1933/38 (Finnish). Although, with the instructions provided at the Github readme, it should be easy to expand to other languages/versions.


How to change the language?


Shows the current language. Default is English


lang finnish

Change the language to Finnish.


How to use?

yve John 3:16

Copy John 3:16 to your clipboard and automatically paste the verse to front most app. You can disable the automatic pasting from Alfred Preferences > Workflows > Youversion bible > Copy to clipboard by unchecking "Automatically paste to front most app" -checkbox.


You can also search multiple verses:

yve John 3:16-18

As you can see, you can use common English abbreviation of Bible books, like John, Eccles., 2 Sam., etc. You can learn the whole list of supported abbreviation from Github readme.

Where to download?

You can download the workflow from https://github.com/saulirajala/alfred-youversion-bible. There are also source files, if you want to see whats going on under the surface.


Hope you find this workflow as useful as I have found it to be, when I'm preparing teaching or sermon. No more manual searching, copying and pasting the verse to sermon notes or to slides!

Näyttökuva 2016-10-08 kello 21.54.37.png

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I get this:

Reason: launch path not accessible




Check that the selected language exists on your system.


If you're syncing Alfred's preferences, also check that all related workflow files exist locally.


Related Workflow Info...

Name: 'Youversion bible'

Folder:/Users/namer/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.D9F9F4CE-855C-4204-B9B1-46CCAE604954

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