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Freeze then crash when typing O, E


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* What you were doing when the issue happened

  1. CMD-Space (My Alfred 3 hotkey. I re-mapped Spotlight's hotkey to CTRL-Space)
  2. When the Alfred window opens, type: o (or any of the following: e o 
  3. It locks up for a second then crashes without warning. Note that the "Alfred Preferences" doesn't close, but the CTRL-Space doesn't bring up the Alfred 3 search box. In Activity Monitor, I can see that "Alfred 3" process does indeed quit.

* Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action

  • 100% freeze/crash repeatable.


* Include any screenshots that might help us

  • See attached during the freeze.


* Include the Alfred version & build number you are using

  • v3.1.1 [737]

* Include your OS X version

  • 10.11.6 El Capitan


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