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High CPU usage


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Recently, Alfred has been acting up on two computers, with CPU usage going over 100% when Alfred is not even on-screen. RAM usage was also through the roof (over 1GB).


Both computers use synchronized preferences. I have a few workflows. Disabling them doesn't immediately resolve the issue. I have disabled most of them, let's see if that was related. I haven't changed my workflows in a while, and this issue has cropped up in the past week or so, I would say since 3.2…


What you were doing when the issue happened
Nothing specific.
* Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action
No, quitting Alfred and starting again temporarily fixes the problem, but after a day or two it comes back.
* Include any screenshots that might help us
No screenshots, but I saw in another thread I should include a sample (here).
* Include the Alfred version & build number you are using - v 3.2 (759)
* Include your OS X version - 10.11.6
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@rockpilp Alfred should be extremely well behaved when it comes to CPU and RAM, especially at idle. As you theorised, this could be a workflow, or it could be OS X's metadata index causing an issue (perhaps by a new app you've installed?).


Are you still seeing this issue?




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