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Crash on Wake New MBP 2016 Model


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Looks like Alfred downloaded from the App Store keeps crashing either on sleep or wake.  The symptom is that when I hit my magic keys to perform and action, it's no running.  I always confirm it is running prior to closing, since I'm actively using it.


Any type of information you need?

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Hi there,


First, I would encourage you to update to Alfred 3 from alfredapp.com as it's the current, supported version of Alfred. The free version of Alfred 1.2 from the Mac App Store is no longer maintained and can't be used with your Powerpack license. 


As you're a v2 Powerpack license holder, you can upgrade it to v3 at a discount by entering your v2 details here:



If you need your details re-issued, drop us a line on info@alfredapp com and I'll be happy to help you out :)



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