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Call another workflow within a workflow (just send a command)

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I'm trying to build a workflow for watching movies.  I want to automatically set the volume to 100% and brightness on the main display to 0%.


With the Volume Control workflow, I can use "vol 100" to set the volume.



And with Brightness, I can use "brightness 0" to set the display brightness.



How can I send these commands within another workflow?  I want to have a single workflow that sends both commands and does some other things.


EDIT: Ok, I see I can call other workflows via Applescript if I add an external trigger to them.  However, how do I send a new line character?  For example, I tried to set the brightness to 0 by calling an AppleScript like this:

tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "AlfredBrightness" in workflow "com.fniephaus.brightness" with argument "0"


However, this brings Alfred up on screen, waiting for me to press enter to proceed.  I also tried this:

tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "AlfredBrightness" in workflow "com.fniephaus.brightness" with argument "0



However, this simply puts the line break character in the Alfred search box instead of pressing Enter.  How do I get it to press enter/send a new line character?

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