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Hey guys,


do you think it might make sense to have an option in Alfred Pref to see the selected action's picture on the input line (instead of just on the result lines).


The reason is this: since we now have the ability to dynamically change the pictures displayed in results, we might need some kind of reminder of what action is about to run.


Just a thought.


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I guess I didn't make myself clear.


Since there is the ability to dynamically change the picture of the highlighted result, you might end up getting confused about what exactly the action is. I guess it would be a poor workflow design in that case but still.

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Looks like what I was talking about is indeed happening but only for when you use a hotkey to trigger a script filter (maybe other things but I haven't tested extensively).


It's weird that's it's not consistant throughout the entire application. Though, I like it.

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