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Creating a workflow to recognise text in an image

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I had an idea of making this workflow for some time now. I want to have a screenshot utility that will take a screenshot created by a user, it will recognise the text in this image and put the text into the clipboard of the user. 


So if I was to screenshot this line from wikipedia for example : 




It would scan it, and put a text representation of this image into my clipboard. So in my clipboard after the scan, I will have this : 




I found a library that seems to do what I want : https://github.com/otiai10/gosseract


However I am not quite sure how to connect all these pieces. I can make a screenshot by issuing a screencapture -ci command. Then perhaps I need to save this image to some temporary location and then run this or some other OCR program on it and get the text I need?


This workflow is specifically useful for me for grabbing text from places where text is non selectable. Like for example, I wish I could screenshot this image : 





And get the text from this image into my clipboard.


Thank you for any help.



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