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  1. Hi vero thanks for the answer and sory for late replies. I've understand a little about using query splitting playing with andrew's kitten image example. Can you explain it more about using the workflows to input the argument one at the time?
  2. Hi thanks andrew, I just playing the example but I ran to a problem which because it's an array it will convert %5B and %5D to %255B and %255D. The problem is similiar as this: link. And in my case it will make the query not working. Is there any solution?
  3. Thanks, will it work if it have a space between them? Like "1234, 5678" ?
  4. Hi sorry to bump the old thread, but what this: IFS=',' read -a qarg <<< "{query}" means? And what happen if user not input all argument completely? (only several ones)
  5. Please email to me too, can I change it to be separated by comma, not space?
  6. Hi all, so I want to make custom search for multiple argument and I need help. I use Alfred v3 with powerpack, doesn't have many experience with programming. The argument is for example: search keyword minimum price condition (used or new) So when I type keyword and the argument separated by comma it will search to several website that I have registered. Example: User input aaa, bbb, ccc Will search: website1.com/xxx=aaa&yyy=bbb&zzz=ccc website2.com/xxx=bbb&yyy=aaa&zzz=ccc website1.com/xxx=ccc&yyy=bbb&zzz=aaa so on (the structure for each website is different) condition: If input only aaa, not bbb or ccc, dismiss argument for bbb & ccc If input olly for aaa & bbb, dismiss ccc. The condition (new/used) is different for each website, so need to change from the given keyword to wach website format. Hope it is clear enough. What is the best way to do it? Any help would be appreciated.
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