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  1. Quite possibly not, I have not tried it. https://github.com/williambout/paper-for-mac
  2. Basically the same thing as this but using time: Have multiple time formatting selections like you have date formats here. Allow for time calculations like "now 36h" to show 36 hours from current time,etc. To be honest this seems like it would be less useful with time but who knows.
  3. Based on what dfay provided code wise I made this if anyone wants to use or modify it. Minute:Decimal Converter.alfredworkflow It could use some cleaning of the decimal places it outputs, etc but is functional.
  4. Oh nice, I actually just posted on the other workflows GitHub seeing if 2016 support was possible and he said no. I agree that it isn't really a good fit for APT I was just naming features of ilovepdf.com that are useful.
  5. There is a Mac desktop version of Paper someone is making I found that could then be scripted with an Alfred workflow. But in my short time testing, the desktop version had some issues to work out still.
  6. The only other thing I used to use from there I found in another Alfred Workflow but could be useful in your workflow which is Word to PDF, ilovepdf.com also has an Excel to PDF that is pretty cool too. JPG to PDF as well. All tools I have used/needed at some time or another.
  7. Yes, I have already tested both ways before posting lol. Works perfect.
  8. Any chance of a sister workflow that treated time in the same way? Loving this one so far. Thank you so much.
  9. Alfred Text Service has Accesibility rights set but I get this when I try to trigger this workflow http://snpy.in/CpVxLW any suggestions?
  10. My use case is I get pages of invoices which can range from 1-4 pages each within the larger 10-15 page pdf. I only need to keep/process some of them so I usually look at the page numbers I need like 1,2,4-5,6,8-10,13 and then use ilovepdf.com's split tool to set up the needed ranges and it pops x number of files in a zip (annoying part I hate the zip). What I was hoping APT could do was take an arguement like "slice 1,2,4-5,6,8-10,13" and have it spit out the 6 files into the source directory with some default naming scheme that includes the pg numbers for reference. Potenitally with an aruguement like "slice 1,2,4-5; [single:multi]" where multi slices into 3 files and single slices out the input pages and then combines those 3 files back into a single pdf. I understand this is a limited need function. I really appreciate your tool and communication.
  11. Can you explain the step part of the input when slicing? Can I split a 10-page pdf into 3 ranges like 1-2 3-4 5-8 and get 3 files with a single input argument?
  12. I got this to work and thank you so much, I was sad when the file here was a dead link. Can you explain how to make a script that will go the other way? hundereths to hh:m
  13. Thank you, I am new to Alfred and was not properly selecting the files to invoke Alfred and your workflow. Thanks so much this is just what I needed.
  14. I have set my keywords and see the action in Alfred but it does nothing to the pdf files I select in the finder before invoking Alfred. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
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