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  1. The Launch App's Files (LAF) is definitely powerful! With LAF I don't think you can launch url's with shell scripts, while also launching files, hiding others. That said these are all things that are doable with Alfred, but I think the simple configuration required to do those things is what makes Bunch (a Free App) very intriguing. Example: If I wanted to make a Bunch that opens the Alfred Forum to this link while copying my GitHub url for this project to the clipboard and then also opening my slack app, closing my mail app and opening drafts, ALL WHILE Hiding all the other apps in my environment. That looks like this. @@ * set the clipboard to "https://github.com/kjaymiller/Bunch_Alfred" https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/12731-quick-launch-for-brett-terpstras-bunch-app/?tab=comments#comment-66697 !Mail Slack Drafts IMHO, that is easier to update and maintain than adding many blocks into an Alfred workflow. That said I Love Alfred and think that the two can coexist in my workflow.
  2. This workflow takes advantage of Brett Terpstra's Bunch Application. Bunch is a workspace loader that you can use to quickly open/close applications, urls, documents, and more to come. This workflow utilizes Bunch's URL Scheme x-bunch:[BUNCH NAME]. And gives you all the bunches in your default bunches folder ("~/bunches") Directions: b - Top Level Bunch Selector b <bunch filename> - Runs the Selected Bunch b edit <bunch filename> - Opens the File in the Default Application b display <bunch filename> - Displays the contents of the Bunch in Large Text b refresh - Refreshes your Bunch List (It does this by opening the app so you will be in the Bunch app once the workflow completes.) The workflow can be found on my GitHub. - https://github.com/kjaymiller/Bunch_Alfred Below is an example of me loading iterm using Bunch (via Alfred).
  3. I mean the ability add multiple values before sending the entire list of email addresses.
  4. Great tool here... Can you explain how you got the multiple contact acceptance to work.. I would like to implement in an unrelated project.
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