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  1. /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome 'https://www.youxuan68.com/search.asp?keyword=%u5948%u5B66' Above command works, although it's not a perfect solution. Thanks!
  2. I am not the developer of that site, I can not change the url. But I pay for alfred. Maybe, alfred can be compatile to this situation, for his paid user, like chrome?
  3. I can open the URL in Chrome, why you judge the url is not valid? Alfred is more AUTHORITATIVE than Chrome? https://www.youxuan68.com/search.asp?keyword=%u5948%u5B66 The URL is just here, anyone can tell me how to open it by alfred? Or Alfred is used to refuse customer‘s requirement by fictitious reason?
  4. I want to open following url in alfred with "Open URL ", https://www.youxuan68.com/search.asp?keyword=%u5948%u5B66 but alfred ALWAYS urlencode it, and url become https://www.youxuan68.com/search.asp?keyword=%25u5948%25u5B66 Which is the WRONG url. I also tried "Run Script Action" with open "https://www.youxuan68.com/search.asp?keyword=%u5948%u5B66" but I got Unable to interpret 'https://www.youxuan68.com/search.asp?keyword=%u5948%u5B66' as a path or URL Who can help me, please. It really make me stuck.
  5. @GuiB Sounds a good though, just a little inconvenient for user to add new gif and preview gif list while choosing, so such feature really needs official support, and looking forward to official support of alfred ~! Cheers, Beiling
  6. I suggest alfred support workflow auto download and auto update details as follows, * a config file, whose each item corresponding a workflow * each item contains: download addr(github addr)、current version get addr(github addr)、etc. * auto download, add a new item to the config file, then alfred auto download new workflow and install * auto update, alfred workflow check for update everyday and auto update background by this way, user could use workflow more conveniently.
  7. @FroZen_X I knew that pack, that only could input unicode emoji, gif and png is not supported. I added the example in post. Cheers, Beiling
  8. Thank you for your advice, Java is slow indeed. "hello world" in Java spends 160ms. "hello world" in shell script spends only 4ms. really a large gap between them. Thank you for your advice~!
  9. Snippets please support gif and image~! So I can input image emoji by snippets. In China, It's popular to send emoji while chatting online, if alfred snippet support image and gif, it will earn many Chinese user!! example: While input "!jump", I hope it become flowing gif tiao.gif
  10. Please support Java in workflow ~~! Since I'm a java programmer and I'm familiar with Java, if I want to write a complex workflow using python, then I will spend a lot of time to learn python and all kind of library, it's really inconvenient. There are more and more Java programmer, so please support Java in workflow ~!
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