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  1. Thank you very much, this fixed my problem. It would be nice if these versions would stay available and easily findable.
  2. What can people do who run Alfred v3 and accidentally have confirmed the autoupdate of DownVid 😞 Now DownVid is not working and I cannot seem to find a link to the last Alfred 3 compatible version 😞
  3. Yes, I am aware of this feature but for some reason I just cannot get this into my brain 😞 It would be just soooooo easy if I could add this function as a fallback search as these don't rely on a specific shortcut but I can just use the curser, hit enter and be done. I find myself recently actually using spotlight instead as spotlight finds those finder files directly and displays them in a neat way. I wish I could add "find file in finder" as another fallback search.
  4. Currently whenever I want to search for a file on my Mac I rather do not use Alfred (which I use for EVERYTHING else) but I have to open a new finder window, hit CMD + F and type my query in the little spotlight window in Finder. I then refine the search by adding filters. I really would like to simplify this by adding a "SEARCH in FINDER" option to fallback searches (which I love and use all the time). How can I add this option to fallback searches?
  5. I have the same problem since recently 😞 Some youtube links do not work any longer with DownVid. I have no idea of the cause.
  6. Hey Vero, thanks so much for fixing this ;-) I have some operations running on the Mac, so I cannot do the spotlight rebuilt just now but doing a cache rebuilt in Alfred immediately solved the duplicate search results. I will do the spotlight index rebuilt once the Mac is finished. Thanks for your help!
  7. Here is a quick feedback after having this specific issue repaired: I completely wiped all installed workflows and installed them one by one again. This issue was fixed in the process ;-) Thanks for your help guys!
  8. Hey guys, I have an issue with Alfred since awhile that is strange. 1) Alfred does not find ANYTHING that I haven't searched first with OS X Spotlight. 2) Anything Alfred actually finds will be listed over and over and over in a long list of identical items: How can I solve both these issues without loosing all my settings for Alfred and the workflows I have installed and customized ?
  9. Hey, thanks for the link, I will check it out ;-) So far the closest I get is: Automator workflow saved as app does (this I have linked to a quick Alfred workflow that simply starts the automator workflow app upon a keyword): - save all email attachments of the selected mail to the desktop - create a folder on the desktop I have to: - manually print the mail as pdf to the desktop - move all items into the folder - rename the folder to the appropriate time of the email and subject line I just could not find any way to extract the emails date and hand that info over to rename the folder - this alone would be of great help already. Is there ANY WAY you guys know how I could initiate the menu command "Export as PDF …" from mail.app within the Alfred workflow? This alone would bring me so much closer to my goal of automation and I only would be left to properly rename the folder and move the files.
  10. I would love to create a workflow to automate the following steps but I have no idea how to go about it and would love to get some help to find a basis to start from: 1) select email in mail.app 2) invoke Alfred 3) type keyword "email to desktop" 4) workflow creates new folder on desktop and rename folder to date of selected email in mail.app + mail subject line (format "2017-12-21 1045 subject line") 5) workflow prints selected email to pdf 6) workflow saves all email attachment files into the same folder RESULT: - one new folder on the desktop, named to the exact date of the original email and including the email as pdf and all email attachments - when selecting multiple emails, each email should result in their own individual folder so that bulk archival is possible I currently do all this manually for every single project related mail - it gets tiring :-( I have basic knowledge how to modify Alfred workflows. I have unfortunately no knowledge about Apple Script :-( In the past I have built myself many Automator Workflows but I cannot get anywhere with Automator regarding this it seems.
  11. Hey Vero, Thanks for your help! I did what you suggested. I always repair permissions on a regular basis using Onyx (among other regulars maintenance and service). Just to be save, I redid the permission repair today again and then tried your suggestion of "re-sorting" the hierarchy of search results using the search for a regular item. It was successful, so it seems that the underlying learning of search behavior does work as designed - yay! I tried to do the same with the workflow item I was using and it did not work unfortunately :-( iDVD.app and DVDplayer.app still show up ahead of the DownloadVid workflow. Do you have any further suggestions?
  12. Since a few weeks (I believe after updating Alfred) I have a major issue with searching with Alfred. In the past Alfred used to learn my search patterns so after using it for a while it often was enough to simply type the first one or two letters of an item for Alfred to list search results in most used order. Items I would search and use a lot would always be at the very top of the list. This feature is broken for me and makes the Alfred search pretty much useless to me now :-( Example: I do download regularly Youtube videos to watch later when on the road and not having a internet connection. For this I use a Alfred Workflow "DownVid". To download a Youtube video I would simply: - copy the web URL to the clipboard - invoke Alfred - type "DV" (often just typing "D" would have sufficed) … and Alfred would list search results As I would use this workflow invoked by typing "D" or "DV" much more often then any other search starting with the letter D, Alfred would place the DownVid workflow right at the very top of the list, so I only would have to hit "ENTER" to start the workflow. Since the search is broken, this workflow is listed way down a list of to me completely useless search results. Among them is the "iDVD.app" or the "DVDPlayer.app" which I both never, ever even once have searched for or opened :-( I have scoured the Alfred preferences, have reset Alfred, have deleted the Alfred cache, have repaired permissions, have rebuilt spotlight indexes (using Onyx), … all to no avail. At current Alfred is useless to me as every search I attempt takes so much longer time and I keep making mistakes, accidentally selecting items I do not want. Please help (I hope it is just one single silly setting I am missing)!
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