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  1. Is it possible to send an Alfred Remote message to a Mac from another Mac instead from an iOS device?
  2. Sorry I can see now this feature is provided by the 'Screen Capture and Edit2' Alfred workflow, which calls the Mac's built-in screencapture command line utility, which seems to be broken with the upgrade. I'll let Apple know. I take it from your response that Alfred 4 provides a built-in way of capturing screenshots which avoids the need to use a third-party workflow?
  3. Worth nothing that the Mac's own cmd-shift-4 is still working correctly
  4. I have upgraded to the latest Mac OS X and the latest Alfred. Now when I take a selection snapshot using Alfred, the captured image is of the right dimensions and location, but it's a snapshot of my desktop image not the top-most window.
  5. Could there please be an option to make Playlist (cmd-6) the default when opening iTunes mini player. Thanks.
  6. When I search for something in Alfred that Spotlight cannot immediately find, and then select Alfred's "Search spotlight..." option, I end up in a continuous loop that continues until I open a new Alfred dialogue. Please see movie: https://youtu.be/j_qOdBMzbrM. How can I fix this?
  7. Do you have those files @joshmedeski ? Your Dropbox link has expired, and the following is not working for me:
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