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  1. I've created two Alfred Remote workflows: Remote 1. wake (WOL) Mac and tell Music.app on Mac to use AppleTV for AirPlay Remote 2. tell Music.app to stop music playback and stop using AirPlay I'd like to create two workflows in iOS Shortcuts: Workflow 1: tell Apple TV remote app to wake Apple TV, tell Alfred Remote to run Remote 1, make iTunes Remote the active app in iOS Workflow 2: tell Alfred Remote to run Remote 2 How can I?
  2. Is it possible to send an Alfred Remote message to a Mac from another Mac instead from an iOS device?
  3. Sorry I can see now this feature is provided by the 'Screen Capture and Edit2' Alfred workflow, which calls the Mac's built-in screencapture command line utility, which seems to be broken with the upgrade. I'll let Apple know. I take it from your response that Alfred 4 provides a built-in way of capturing screenshots which avoids the need to use a third-party workflow?
  4. Worth nothing that the Mac's own cmd-shift-4 is still working correctly
  5. I have upgraded to the latest Mac OS X and the latest Alfred. Now when I take a selection snapshot using Alfred, the captured image is of the right dimensions and location, but it's a snapshot of my desktop image not the top-most window.
  6. Could there please be an option to make Playlist (cmd-6) the default when opening iTunes mini player. Thanks.
  7. When I search for something in Alfred that Spotlight cannot immediately find, and then select Alfred's "Search spotlight..." option, I end up in a continuous loop that continues until I open a new Alfred dialogue. Please see movie: https://youtu.be/j_qOdBMzbrM. How can I fix this?
  8. Do you have those files @joshmedeski ? Your Dropbox link has expired, and the following is not working for me:
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