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  1. Is this workflow still compatible with Airmail 4?
  2. Hi there, I am looking for a workflow to delay or schedule email in Apple mail. Does Alfred provide a built-in workflow for that?
  3. @Andrew: Thank you for your reply. Clearing the Application cache resolved my issue. Adding /Applications and /Volumes/Data to my Search Scope works like a charm. Now Screen Sharing Core Service no longer shows up. Perfect!
  4. That's correct. I do not want to show System CoreServices in my search scope.
  5. @deanishe Thank you for you reply. How can I exclude System CoreServices? How can I prevent Alftred to search through application packages?
  6. Did it work out for you? I am facing the same issue. When I search for "t" or "sh", Alfred shows "About this Mac" in /System/Library/CoreServices/About this Mac.app or Screen Sharing in /System/Library/CoreServices/Screen Sharing.app. Search Scope is set to /Applications/ folder only. Why does Alfred still show various CoreServices?
  7. Yes, I was already expecting that. I don't want to mess around with Third-Party Tools in SystemCore. Anyway. dfay, thanks for your reply.
  8. When I click in the Spotlight icon it still loads Spotlight search. I am looking for a non-hacking way to link Spotlight menu bar icon with Alfred. Any workaround?
  9. You're right. There's no specific reason why the Keyword has a required argument. I've simply used the predefined setting. Good news - It's working. The network volume is successfully unmounted when I select Keyword --> no Argument. Excellent. Thank you, Vitor.
  10. thanks, Vitor. Good point. Delaying doesn't work neither. Here's the download to my workflow. Download: alfred-shutdown-unmount-volume.zip Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi there, I am trying to create a workflow that unmounts a AFP network volume before Shut Down. I am using diskutil unmount command. Here's my workflow which doesn't seem to correct. When I execute diskutil unmount on the command line, the volume is unmounted successfully. Can anyone help me out with this? Language: bin/bash diskutil unmount /Volumes/myvolume
  12. Well done! This is exactly I was looking for. I really like that you can choose a reminder list to add your todo. Great workflow!
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