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  1. To everyone who still has interest in this workflow: I am sorry that it no longer works. I no longer need or use the workflow. I developed it when I was in graduate school and writing all the time. I have since left academia and haven't really needed this (or my other workflows) in years. However, I do still love this little workflow and would love to get it healthy again, but it has been years since I've fiddled with Alfred workflows. If anyone wants to become the new maintainer, I would be happy to spend a weekend afternoon or an evening pairing with someone to get it updated and
  2. I'm not exactly following. In Zotero, what field is the URL stored in? What do you mean by "if Alfred can find and export a citation based on its URL"? Do you mean use ZotQuery to find a particular citation via its URL and then from ZotQuery export that citation? If that is what you mean, then this could be possible, I just need to know more about what these URLs are.
  3. Hit the same problem. The issue is that the codebase is behind your GitHub code. The slackfred-search.py file attempts to import requests and then tries to use it once for a GET requests. The other time, you use the web.py module from the Alfred-Workflow library. Your GitHub code doesn't have this issue. All you need to do is update the Packal download with the up-to-date codebase. - - - PS. Nice workflow!
  4. Haha. If you knew how many times I've done stuff like that you'd realize why I can't require an IQ for workflows; I wouldn't be able to use them myself Glad you figured it out tho. And TBH, this will help me to deal with this problem when it (inevitably) occurs again. Pandoc is wonderful and powerful. And if you really start to use it, you should honestly check out my blog post on this workflow, where I explain Templated Commands, which are the real power-user feature of the workflow (the GUI for one-off conversions is the "normal" use case) as well as my Pandoc Templates (on GitHub). I h
  5. It looks like the dr:config didn't work fully. You only have outputs and inputs here. You should also have options and arg-options. Delete this file. Then re-run dr:config. Have the debugger on with "Interesting Information". As a quick check if the second run did something more, look at the file size before you delete and the file size after dr:config is re-run. If bigger, then try to convert again. If the same, post the debug output here.
  6. Ok. TBH, Pandoctor's code base was/is slightly in flux. It appears that I have stored the Options data under a different name. To determine what that is, you need to open this file: /Users/drlulz/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data/com.hackademic.pandoctor/pandoc.cache It is a pickled file, so opening it in a text editor like Sublime. Paste that text (it will look sort of like gobbedly gook) here. I'll check it out.
  7. What are the files in the workflow data directory? It appears that one of the paths is empty. Those paths are stored in a JSON file in the data directory. Find that file and paste in the contents.
  8. There seems to be an issue with the XML output. Can you try re-downloading from Packal first?
  9. Derek, I plan on one day (hopefully sooner, rather than later) really revamping this workflow and making it world-class, but I just don't have the time right now. However, this is a feature that I've wanted to implement for a while, and you caught me at a great time. I don't have the time to update the whole workflow and all that jazz, but you can use this version of the export.applescript to have all annotation types sorted by page number, not by timestamp. Just copy the code from this Gist and paste it into that file in the workflow directory. I've tested it some, so hopefully it'll just wor
  10. I guess the best way to credit would be to alter the dialog box that pops up when you first run the app (to register the URL scheme). You could just put "Created by Stephen Margheim" there or something. I'm not really that picky. As to apps breaking workflows, I'd say very infrequently. Clearly it happens, but I've had very, very few times where a different version of the app was at fault. It is, though, one reason why you should always have people give you the workflow version, app version(s), and debug output when they report an error.
  11. Odd. I'm on the beta channel for Evernote, so I have version 6.0.6 Beta 1 (451237 Direct). What version exactly do you have? I've re-tested and it still works on my machine.
  12. Hmm... I'm on Yosemite, and the test code I posted above worked fine for me. Did you try that test script and it fail? Or did that simple example work and a more real-world test fail? And what version of Evernote do you have?
  13. My Spritzr workflow uses it extensively. But I can't get the Shift key thing to work right I guess. I have to press Shift + Enter and then Safari loads the HTML file. In this mode, Alfred dies. Is there some way to do it differently?
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