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  1. Thanks @deanishe, indeed, call External Trigger Output is exactly what I needed. The only thing is that when I add a block of this type, it seems that I can't add any other block after it. How can I make it part of a workflow in this case? Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for the possibility to use a workflow in another workflow. I have a workflow that I use a lot in some other workflows, and I have to make a copy of it every time, to paste it in my new workflow. The issue is that if I improve the original workflow, I have then to update all the other workflows that I have created that use this workflow to reflect the change. Is there a solution for that? Thanks a lot for your help,
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to add two delimiters in the Split Arg to Var functionality (space, and @). It is something possible? Thanks in advance ! Michaƫl
  4. Of course, I should be able to update the CSS selectors in the script if needed. Thanks,
  5. As the workflow could be helpful for some other users, I just published it on Github : https://github.com/lemikeone/alfred-recipient-name I added a capitalization of the first letter in it. If anyone wants to contribute in any way, do not hesitate!
  6. I found a solution using the utilities "Split Arg to Vars" ! Thanks again for the precious help.
  7. You're right I'll try to find a solution, and I'll publish it here if I do. Thanks,
  8. Wow that works ! Thanks ! I just need to find a way to use only the part before the first space, to use only the surname
  9. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer Deanishe ! Let's hope someone will find a solution one day
  10. Hi everyone, I love using Alfred every day, and one of my favourites' functionalities are the snippets. One thing that make me stick to Gorgias Templates, is the possibility to use Gmail recipient's name in templates by using {{to.first_name}}. That looks like this : https://streamable.com/dn0vsx I know that it is not possible to do that with the basic Snippet functionality in Gorgias, but I just discovered the Snippet Triggers, so I was thinking that it could be feasible with it. Do you have any idea how I could use recipient's name in Gmail in my Alfred snippets using a workflow element? Thanks in advance!
  11. I don't think it was at the time of my message, but indeed, it is now. One more reason to keep using Alfred clipboard.
  12. Nice, I didn't find a way to replace the Alfred logo with a magnifying glass, the only option is to hide the Alfred logo, isn't it ?
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