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  1. If you'd prefer to open the Fakespot listing in whichever browser you're already using for Amazon, you can use this Javascript as a bookmark. (This doesn't use Alfred at all.) javascript:void function(){var country_site="amazon.com",b=0<=location.href.search(/(amazon.|amzn.)(com|co\.uk|ca|de|fr|es|it|cn|co\.jp).+/i),d=/amazon.(com|co\.uk|ca|de|fr|es|it|cn|co\.jp).*\/(asin|dp|gp|product|exec\/obidos|gp\/offer-listing|product\-reviews|gp\/aw\/d)\/[A-Z0-9]{10,13}/i,c=0<=location.href.search(d);if(c)try{var a=document.getElementById("ASIN").value;window.open("https://www.fakespot
  2. @Vero, I'm currently able to run workflows like Sean Ballinger's Search Notes (in.sball.searchnotes) as long as I manually allow the search binary in Preferences > Security and Privacy. It's sketchy, but it works. Does this change the consensus on this thread? I came here because I'd like a more powerful search-for-something-when-I-don't-know-where-it-is workflow. I'd like one keyword to search files, Apple Notes, and even Google Drive when I'm desperate and willing to wait. Ballinger's 'n {query}' may give me a way to search Apple Notes, but it doesn't give me a wa
  3. I've seen Workflows that allow you to search Apple Notes with a keyword, but nothing that integrates a search of Notes by default. Example workflow: https://github.com/sballin/alfred-search-notes-app has the query "n pasta" to search for pasta in Apple Notes. If I'm wrong about this, please tell me. I would love to be wrong!
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