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  1. Since this is a Feature Request channel and not a support channel, I'm going to lean into the Request aspect of the original post. I really like Web Searches. I make a lot of them. I even overload them to give myself variations on a search to choose from. For example, when I search for a place, I can either * Search my YouTrack board and have the results appear in a kanban, or * Search YouTrack issues and have the results appear as a task list. There's a lot that's the same: same keyword, same image, slight alteration of the URL, slight alteration of the Title. It would be great if I could duplicate all of that instead of having to manually recreate it. Possible solutions: Right click a Web Search row to Duplicate, or Duplicate Search button next to Add Custom Search. By the way, this would solve another problem, which is that novice users may find it difficult to build customer searches for lack of good examples. If a user could duplicate a built-in web search, they could see how they're built and modify them without breaking the original.
  2. How do you add an item from your Clipboard History to the File Buffer without leaving Alfred? This is a pretty broad, common problem that Alfred is so close to solving for me. For a fuller explanation, see Pastebox's examples.
  3. If you'd prefer to open the Fakespot listing in whichever browser you're already using for Amazon, you can use this Javascript as a bookmark. (This doesn't use Alfred at all.) javascript:void function(){var country_site="amazon.com",b=0<=location.href.search(/(amazon.|amzn.)(com|co\.uk|ca|de|fr|es|it|cn|co\.jp).+/i),d=/amazon.(com|co\.uk|ca|de|fr|es|it|cn|co\.jp).*\/(asin|dp|gp|product|exec\/obidos|gp\/offer-listing|product\-reviews|gp\/aw\/d)\/[A-Z0-9]{10,13}/i,c=0<=location.href.search(d);if(c)try{var a=document.getElementById("ASIN").value;window.open("https://www.fakespot.com/analyze?url=https://"+country_site+"/dp/"+a)}catch(a){window.open(" https://www.fakespot.com/analyze?url=https://"+country_site+window.location.pathname)}}(); Just make a new bookmark and paste this in as the URL.
  4. @Vero, I'm currently able to run workflows like Sean Ballinger's Search Notes (in.sball.searchnotes) as long as I manually allow the search binary in Preferences > Security and Privacy. It's sketchy, but it works. Does this change the consensus on this thread? I came here because I'd like a more powerful search-for-something-when-I-don't-know-where-it-is workflow. I'd like one keyword to search files, Apple Notes, and even Google Drive when I'm desperate and willing to wait. Ballinger's 'n {query}' may give me a way to search Apple Notes, but it doesn't give me a way to search Notes *and* something else. How can I accomplish this? Is there a way to, say, tack on Notes search to 'open {query}'?
  5. I've seen Workflows that allow you to search Apple Notes with a keyword, but nothing that integrates a search of Notes by default. Example workflow: https://github.com/sballin/alfred-search-notes-app has the query "n pasta" to search for pasta in Apple Notes. If I'm wrong about this, please tell me. I would love to be wrong!
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