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  1. I am not an expert in technology and scripting but a big fan of Alfred and workflows: my "beginner" question about what it says below, quoting Deanishe' post which I found as I searched on the blog "how to save, name my workflows in Alfred? Are you here offering a solution to save my new workflows and have them synced? What I don't know is where to store my workflows in general, the ones copied from Alfred examples for instance. Because I rarely save them anywhere in particular and some just stay in my downloads: should they all be in my Alfred preferences folder? and am I right to say that in that post you are explaining how to create another folder in sync with same Alfred? in that case should I use Dropbox (is it the best option?).For now my sync preferences are in ICloud Drive: is it a good option? Thank you so much for answering to those beginners' questions. quote of the post below: also I am adding the path of my workflow: is it wrong? it works though.... "Configuration != data. Some workflows save a lot of data. It would not be appropriate to put their data directories within the preferences bundle. The only official way to sync workflow settings is via workflow variables. I've asked @Andrew before to provide an official sync data directory in the preferences bundle, but so far no joy. What you can do, as long as you're careful not to put loads of data in there, is create another directory alongside your workflow's with the name my.bundle.id-data. So if your bundle ID is com.example.my-workflow, the syncing directory would be com.example.my-workflow-data. Because Alfred runs workflows with the workflow's own directory as the working directory, you can create/access this directory as ../com.example.my-workflow-data. Alfred won't mind that it's there or that it isn't a valid workflow, and Dropbox (or whatever) will sync it along with everything else. And it won't get overwritten by a workflow update like your workflow's own directory does. Edited August 26, 2019 by deanishe"
  2. when i try opening link in chrome i go to: http://searchguide.level3.com/search/?q=http%3A//derekminner.com/docs/Calendar%20Quick%20Entry.alfredworkflow&r=&bc= how can i use the link for alfred workflow?
  3. Sorry for capitals. I had no ideait changed. However, regarding the link ,it is definitely down for me on Mac when I try using it. Do you have any suggestions?
  5. alfred://customsearch/speciic%20query%20in%20art%20story/artstory3/utf8/nospace/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theartstory.org%2F%27artist-%7Bquery%7D.htm This is copy of link for web search... but cannot add inn feature making a search to test I go to this page:https://www.theartstory.org/404page.htm
  6. I created a new workflow , similar and samessue! \Alfred 3, mac os Mojave v3.7[938]
  7. I created a FFallback search for the website ARTSTORY with a query; added in features, but I get "Page not found" It works without a query though How can I solve this?
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