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  1. Joe O.

    Outlook for Mac workflow

    I think I do have a path issue: Any suggestions I how I fix it? Not sure why there are two profiles. I haven't had a corruption in the past few years.
  2. Joe O.

    Alfred no longer searching emails

    I use Outlook for Mac (v16.22) and Alfred doesn't see any of the email or calendar events. I have added it to search results, or least tried to. See below, the 2011 was an older version still in finder. I have also tried Outlook workflows, but it doesn't see the Outlook Database: Does anyhow have any idea on how to fix this?
  3. Joe O.

    Outlook for Mac workflow

    Thank you! I'll try this out and let you know how it goes!
  4. Joe O.

    Outlook for Mac workflow

    Great work flow! Does anyone know what I might be getting an "unable to open database file" error?
  5. Joe O.

    Workflow for Outlook V16 Search

    This is awesome, but I get an error that says unable to open database. Any ideas on how to fix this?