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  1. Ok thanks for your quick answer. Hopefully someone finds a way to solve it someday then 🙂 It seems that it simply picks the first number from the contact, so for now I could solve it by updating my contacts to have the iphone number as their first phone number and add the other numbers below it.
  2. Is this workflow still updated? I really love it, I looked at unicall but I don't like this one as much as yours... I don't want to open iMessages, I want to send from Alfred and continue with what I was doing. My main problem with this current version is that it picks for some contacts a home number instead of their mobile number when the contact has more than one phone number... is there any simple solution for this?
  3. Ok thanks for your answers, I will have a look if I can find some tutorials and then try to see what File filters can do for me. Look like they are the answer for me indeed!
  4. Sorry you're completely right... I already did not understand why something so obvious was missing in this functionality. I just looked on my MacBook and there I indeed see the path below it but on my iMac I couldn't see it... however, I just looked at my screenshot and now when I look closely it is indeed there as well so I should pick a different skin on my iMac 🙂 I will have a look at the File Filters, they sound interesting. Do you know if these can look inside files as well (like "in") or do they only allow filtering on file names? Kind Regards, Nico van der Linden
  5. Hi all, I recently switched from Launchbar to Alfred, I hesitated a long time but am very happy with the switch so far. One of the features I love from Alfred is the capability to find files by even looking inside the files with the "in" command. However, I miss one important feature of which I do not know if this is possible or not... when you search you see the file names, but some files (especially development code related) exist with the same file name in multiple locations. Is it possible to show the file path where the file is located below the file name? Now it is is just a long list of files of which for some of them I do not know if it is my own coding or some framework file for example. And maybe even more interesting for me... is it possible to force the "in" command to only show results when the file is in a specific directory (or sub directories from there), for example with chaining commands as Launchbar can do? Kind Regards, Nico van der Linden
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