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  1. @deanishe โ€“ According to Patrick Wardle, the macOS 11.2 beta 2 suggests that Apple is removing this policy going forward! And kudos to @blacs30 for an awesome workflow!
  2. Thanks for looking into it, @Mr Pennyworth! I'm on Catalina, and observed the same behavior in v0.0.3 even after deleting and re-adding the accessibility permissions. Would it be helpful for me to send debug logs, etc.? Also don't want to take up too much of your time if this appears to be an isolated issue.
  3. This is a pretty neat workflow, @Mr Pennyworth! I love the execution, but I ran into a few issues on different versions of the workflow: I initially installed v0.0.3, but the workflow exited whenever I used the arrow keys to navigate the GIFs, and clicking and dragging the GIF had no effect. I decided to try v0.0.1, which took care of the above issues. However, after trying out the drag-and-drop feature, the Tenor link (and related GIF) kept appearing whenever I tried to paste any new text that I'd just copied. This issue persisted even after using Terminal to refresh t
  4. Olรก Vitor! I'm getting a 404 on the Github link โ€“ would you mind reuploading the workflow? Obrigado!
  5. Hi Vitor, Thanks for adding Brave support โ€“ however, I get an error message for both "Brave" and "Brave Browser" as the frontmost browser.
  6. @JolinM Thanks for the quick response! Nothing happened when I activated the workflow, so I ended up saving "https://www.instapaper.com/text?u={query}" as a custom web search. It takes a few more clicks, but it does the trick
  7. I'm unable to make this work in Brave โ€“ would there be a quick fix for adjusting the Chrome code? Thanks!
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