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  1. @deanishe Oh, I see. Yeah I was confused when it opened finder instead of spotlight so I agree with your last point. Thanks man!
  2. @deanishe My bad. I just figured it out but I will share the workflow in case anyone would find it useful (the replace empty input utility solved my issue). https://ufile.io/7uilohmi Thanks again deanishe!
  3. I am trying to make a workflow that opens Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/feed/trending?gl=US) if no argument is passed and searches YouTube if an argument (selection in macOS is passed). I tried using the conditional utility but it seems that a value (not zero) is passed when there is no argument. I tried debugging to see what value is given when no argument is passed, but it only shows "" in the debugger. What am I doing wrong? Or is there another workaround? Thanks
  4. I use Alfred for almost everything except when I look up word definitions because of the useless layout that Alfred provides (without opening the dictionary app). If this was implemented, another useful feature would be the option to set up the dictionary as a fallback search if the word is in the dictionary (like Spotlight).
  5. Title explains it all. I have checked and enabled all requested permissions. It is worthy to note that I have changed Alfreds hotkey to cmd-space and Spotlights to alt-space. Does anyone have an idea of whats going on and how I can fix it? Thanks
  6. Some of my hotkeys are the same as the key combinations to special characters such as alt-X which gives (≈). So having an option to toggle all workflows (or better only ones that are currently enabled) enabled/disabled with a keyword or a hotkey would be a useful and time saving feature (instead of manually looking for the workflow disabling it and then enabling it back when I'm done).
  7. Thank you so much! It finally worked after my many failing attempts to convert it to python 2. P.s. Alfred is absolutely my favorite app on my Mac. It really is an essential app for productivity and it complements MacOS perfectly. I really appreciate your work!
  8. Hello. I wrote this code for python 3 before discovering that it is not supported by Alfred. Ever since, I have failed to convert it to python 2 and to be able to incorporate it in a workflow. This is the original script that was working just fine: #!/Users/Me/anaconda3/bin/python import feedparser d = feedparser.parse('https://www.aliftaa.jo/PrayTimes.ashx') print(d['entries'][0]['title']) print(d['entries'][1]['title']) print(d['entries'][2]['title']) print(d['entries'][3]['title']) print(d['entries'][4]['title']) print(d['entries'][5]['title']) I changed the shebang to (#!/usr/bin/python) and removed the parentheses in the print functions. However when I run it in terminal (using python2) it says that "list index out of range" and in python launcher 2.7 "No module named feedparser". I'm not experienced with programming so I have been struggling to figure it out on my own but I have failed to do so for the couple past days. Any help is deeply appreciated! Edit: I installed feedparser in the python 2.7 directory and it imports normally in terminal.
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