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  1. First of all, thanks again! Regarding what you said: you're right - a directory may be the last stop. However, a file HAS to be the last stop, and in any case, → is a wasted key when a file is highlighted (when using the arrows for navigation), and it should be utilized - as I suggested, to open the Action menu. Perhaps I'll suggest this as a feature? One more question: I was wondering if, while in Alferd's file navigation (for example, when viewing the contents of a folder) I can use my keyboard to select multiple files, whether consecutively or not. Ideally, I would like to handle file selection as it is in the Windows File Explorer, where using different combinations of SHIFT, CTRL and Space allow me to select multiple files - consecutively, non-consecutively, or both - all with the keyboard. Here's a GIF demo: Afterwards, I would like to open the Action menu for all of selected files. Is all of this possible? Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much for the elaborate reply, vitor! Some further questions: 1. If I enable the first checkbox under "Actions", it disables the usage of ← and → for navigation. I would like to use the arrows for folder navigation, but also use → to show the action menu for FILES (it makes sense a given file is usually the last "stop" in the file navigation process). 2. Is the double-⌘ unreliable? At first, I configured it to be the hotkey for the "File Selection" feature, but many it times Alfred didn't catch it and I had to repeat the double tap again. 3. What's the default hotkey for this feature anyway? 4. Is it possible to browse files in a given folder while in Quick Look mode? That is, tap shift, then use ↓/↑ to show Quick Look for the different files - just like with Space in Finder. Right now, I need to tap shift to open Quick Look for a file, then tap it again to close Quick Look, then use the arrows the select a different file and then tap shift again to Quick Look for that file, and so on. It's very inefficient. Thanks!
  3. Hello! New Alfred user here, so the questions are accordingly newbie-level. 1. I was wondering what are the small icons that sometimes appear above the right edge of the Alfred bar (see attachment) 2. Is it possible to sort file actions in my own custom order? 3. Many of the file actions in Alfred result in the termination of the Alfred bar (like moving a file). Many times this is desired, sometimes it's not. Is it possible to define a hotkey to be pressed while performing the action that will leave the Alfred bar open even after performing the file action? 4. I use the dictionary feature a lot, and I would like that each definition to appear in its entirety in the Alfred window, and not just a preview, so I won't have to open the Dictionary app. This is how it's done in Spotlight. Is this possible? 5. I use the left and right and arrow keys to navigate folders. Is it possible to define that the right arrow key also opens the actions menu for files? (left arrow goes back) 6. Is it possible to make cmd-down arrow open files and folders, in addition to the return key? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for this wonderful workflow! I was wondering how can I customize it as follows: 1. Remove the "cy" prefix to trigger the workflow, instead having the currency code itself (which is always a suffix) as the trigger (i. e. 100 USD or 100 EUR). This is similar to Spotlight. 2. Making the workflow work whether you put a space between the numeric value and the currency code or not (i. e. 100USD = 100 USD). Thanks!
  5. Spotlight Features in Alfred

    Thanks for the input everyone. @deanishe, I understand what you say, it's just that I consider the dictionary a core search - I use it incessantly. @GuiB, for quite a while now, I have been doing just that - I was using a combination of either Alfred and Spotlight (enhanced by the now-discontinued Flashlight) or Alfred and Launchbar, but I find that using more than one software of this kind actually hinders my productivity. I had identified Alftred's potential to be the best among the bunch, but I needed to verify if it would be possible to implement those aforementioned features - that's why I opened this thread.
  6. Spotlight Features in Alfred

    Hi Vero, Thanks a lot for the reply, it was incredibly helpful. I'm aware of Alfred's superiority over Spotlight in countless ways; it's just that I had to verify, prior to buying, that those key (for me) features could potentially exist. 1. Regarding the dictionary feature: sorry for not being clear enough. By saying "simply typing in", I meant typing in a word WITHOUT the define or spell prefixes, and still getting a result - just like Spotlight. I use the Dictionary app a lot, and typing the prefix each and every time is quite bothersome. 2. Regarding opening folders in a new tab: in my experience, it doesn't really work in Finder, despite having that setting checked. If I'm in a given folder, and I fire up Spotlight and navigate with it a different one, it will open up in a new Finder window. I was hoping there's a way to override this with the help of Alfred. Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, I have been using the free version of Alfred for quite a while and I think that it works wonderfully well - at the basic level, better than Apple's Spotlight. What's keeping me from purchasing the Power Pack are a few key features I use a lot in Spotlight that seem to be absent from Alfred. I'm opening this topic to find out whether there's a way to implement those feature in Alfred, with the Power Pack or without. 1. Typing a number followed by a currency abbreviation yields a list of equivalent amounts in a handful of other currencies. 2. Typing a mathematical expression (e.g. 2+2) yields the answer (=4), without having to open the calculator. 3. Simply typing in a word, without the "define" prefix displays a dictionary definition (if that word exists, that is), without having to open the Dictionary app. 4. System Preferences integration and indexing in Spotlight is much deeper and much more intelligent. For example, simply typing "hot corners" shows the shortcut to the "Desktop & Screensaver" section in the System Preferences. 5. Moreover, is there a way to configure that opening a new folder will always be in the current tab, unless I click on the folder with some key combination, and it opens in a new tab? Thank you!