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  1. bikeNik

    Foot Pedals / Udemy

    @Chris62 If you have Apple TV you can use SiriMote . This App with the remote controller from Apple Tv realizes these three (and not only) commands not bad. But it's hand controls. Also, you could consider the Karabiner.app . Some search for example - Simple foot pedal modifier key question #703
  2. bikeNik

    Foot Pedals / Udemy

    I'm using Udemy (and other video-player application) with "Alfred remote" and with any the tactile interaction should be much handier, I think. Good idea.
  3. bikeNik

    Foot Pedals / Udemy

    Hello, The "foot pedal" do you means "Remote control" via "Alfred Remote"?
  4. bikeNik

    Request: Google Meet Workflow

    @ppl4world My solution is very trivial but it's required that meet with your expectations if I understood you correctly. If you want to create a video meeting? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_ Workflow: Workflow (drive.google.com) Required: make login in your Google account in Chrome browser to (create cookies) Optional: the configuration of WF - optional: setting the variable "delayForRequire" depending on your network speed: by default - 3 sec. Collection of some useful links (by the results of searching this solution): Zappier: Google Hangouts Chat Integrations [upcoming] doc: Zapier for Alfred: Run Automated Workflows From Your Mac Keyboard medium: OAuth2 and Google OAuth Playground some blog: Creating Google Hangouts With Apps via URL -------------------------- bikenik's PayPal
  5. I'm acting empirically: And in my example, the data of time change only one time in 30 seconds. So at least, I do know about it to a certain. Well, I see. it's very valuable information for me. I'll read about it. Now I know exactly I don't know enough about background processes. Thanks again!
  6. I'm not good enough in NodeJs (apparently) to start learning "GO" language at this moment. But your API ("awgo") is on the first thing that I'll to take for learning GO language. Thanks for the suggestion! This decision (Nodejs) which I'm taking is: if (!alfy.cache.get('start-PID')) { alfy.cache.set('start-PID', process.pid, {maxAge: 30000}) // 30 sec. } const run = async () => { if (alfy.cache.get('start-PID') === process.pid) { // prevent launch for 30 seconds await runApplescript(` tell application "Alfred 3" run trigger ¬ "concurrentlyUpdate" in workflow ¬ "org.bikenik.concurrently" end tell `); } alfy.output([{ title: refreshDate.title, subtitle: refreshDate.subtitle, icon: {path: './time-icon.png'}, arg: refreshDate.subtitle }]); } run() So I limit to running this script at least for 30 seconds. Did you do something similar in your script? As I see ... I'm going to continue to seek another solution.
  7. I remembered that I can invoke AppleScript command from JS file... I'll probably leave it at that. And I'm going to read about PID file. Thanks again, Deanishe!
  8. Seems I resolved this challenge with the trigger [External]. who would have thought : ) In Script Filter I invoked AppleScript command: ./node_modules/.bin/run-node index.js '$1' osascript -e "tell application \"Alfred 3\" to run trigger \"concurrentlyUdate\" in workflow \"org.bikenik.concurrently\"" Thanks for the support!! p.s. But I'm not sure how many times this AppleScript command will be invoked? Only once, when I type [keyword]?
  9. I want to write JSON file by the network request (this process takes about 5 seconds) asynchronously with another ONE script sent with the result to a Script Filter. In my workflow example, the file "update-concurrently.js" generates JSON file with current time data (like a network request with 5 seconds delay). I want to invoke this file asynchronously (concurrently) with [Script Filter] (where I invoke "index.js" file) I would like to get the result of the possibility of this operation. Many thanks, @deanishe I'll try with your suggestions. with STDOUT and STDERR. I'll figure something out... ---------------- UPDATE ----------- const items = { items: [{ title: refreshDate.title, subtitle: refreshDate.subtitle, icon: {path: './time-icon.png'}, arg: refreshDate.subtitle }] } const run = async () => { await process.stdout.write(JSON.stringify(items)) // to show old data of time from JSON file in Alfred "Script Filter" setTimeout(runUpdate, 5000); // delay 5 seconds for gerenerate JSON file with current data of time. } run() got the same 5 seconds latency.
  10. strange, I can't understand. I tried asynchronous Javascript functions - async/await in my IDE (VS Code) debug mode. In one file. And I get result asynchronously as I expect. i.e. { "items": [ { "title": "Current time is:", "subtitle": " 10:44:35 ", "icon": { "path": "./time-icon.png" }, "arg": " 10:44:35 " } ] } I get immediately this result in output in my IDE, as expected. And background process (writing JSON file) continues to work. But Alfred showing this result only after All function executed. Why it's happened? Is it real to invoke two processes (with Alfred's outputting of his items as first immediately process) asynchronously - in other languages, in bash for example?
  11. ./node_modules/.bin/run-node index.js "$1" & ./node_modules/.bin/run-node update-concurrently.js "get time" ./node_modules/.bin/run-node update-concurrently.js "get time" & ./node_modules/.bin/run-node index.js "$1" all these variants that I tried above are returned with a delay in 5 seconds. i.e I get this result and only after 5 seconds I get this: 5 seconds in this workflow example is as the imitation of request latency. Expected that the result with (old) data of time must be is immediate. but the refreshed data of time executed (5 sec) in the background process will be showing in the next time when I invoke this workflow.
  12. Do you mean like that? : I've got 5 seconds delay in this case.. (
  13. @vitor Doesn't work as I expect: I get two commands instead of one and launch the second script only by the second command. In this case, (if I understood correctly) first script (showing time) will be executed after the 5 seconds, that is, after the second script.
  14. I made another workflow. disk.yandex.ru (19mb) This workflow generates (in 5 seconds! as the imitation of network request) JSON file with current time data. In the format like - [HR:MIN:SEC]. With the keyword: "concurrently" I launch [Script Filter] which launchings the "index.js" and I expect to receive the data of time in "subtitle". But the file which should be generated with this data of time launchings (concurrently) by the [Run Script] block. in the file "update-concurrently.js" only after the hit [enter] Thus I expected to refresh data of time after the [keyword] "concurrently" command. Without [enter]. Is this possible? So in other words: I want to refresh JSON file by the [keyword]: 'concurrently' - concurrently with the main process of this workflow. For testing Requires - Node.js p.s. Sorry for my English and for this word - "concurrently" which has been written so many times 😃