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  1. Did I mentioned it generates "secure passwords", can't see what you edited of my post. If I did, you're right. Otherwise, it's a simple memorizable password, not secure.
  2. Upgraded it to allow the language selection. By default it's using United States/USD see the usage in the script filter node. Here's the new link (I've also updated the main link). Appshopper search
  3. Weird, one more thing. If you go to appshopper.com what language/currency says at the bottom right of the page?
  4. Which language is your operative system? I think AppShopper tries to detect your language and uses specific currency, that probably has a different markup.
  5. Yes, I don't pretend a debugger with IDE features, but just a plain text output is fine. Or maybe spit all the output to system logs.
  6. Fantastic. Yes, I'm using log files for now.
  7. I think a debug mode (with a window or something where you can see the log of all stderr and stdout of all script) would be interesting to help in the development. Or is there a way already?
  8. Nice. If you could include movie rating would be awesome.
  9. Updated topic with link to new improved version Tell me if you find something wrong
  10. Thanks! Good idea, I'll include the rating. Regarding to ignore results, it's pretty impossible, they don't leave you customize much the RSS for the search results. But I'll try to see if there's a way to ignore results.
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