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  1. Yes that's right 👍️🌲️ . keyword plus arg Vars is what I'm looking for. That's really use for some applications with a very long or unknown list. Thanks, C
  2. I'm in the same boat. I'm in the same boat, would be great to hire for buidling custom workflows. Alfred is ideal for interacting with web apps. But there's a real technical barrier if you're not familare with scripts etc. Would be happy to hire someone to build workflows. It's a unique and valuable skill set.
  3. I've answered my question 7 minutes later. You can set a hotkey if the next step is a keyword, you can enter a {query} initially that will pass right through to be used later in the workflow. Using this with Google Sheets filter or find and replace is really useful FYI. Like a macro but much more versitile. C
  4. Hi, Rookie question. I often query things on web applications like google sheets, where, I start with a string or a number then there is a boring sequence of actions that can be automated by Alfred. Aside from copying something to the clipboard, is there a way to punch something into the alfred window, hit enter then that becomes the {query} that gets pasted in the browser later? Sometimes when I set a hotkey to start, it will open a window as if it's asking for a query but when I type it and hit enter, nothing happens. An example would be this filter in google sheets. I made an awesome workflow to populate a filter. But it starts with a filtered list. I can't just punch any old query in there as an argument then have it paste later in the workflow. Ya dig? Thanks, Chris
  5. Ok perfect! I made it Command D so I just hit D to duplicate, then O to open. Thanks 👍🌲
  6. Ya awesome that duplicate action is really useful! Thanks guys. Do you know how to make it run on a file? I have a keyword trigger --> the file path appears in "Action in Alfred". --> Then I need the script run on that path? Is there a way to trigger it on one file from a keyword?
  7. Jeeze this sounds perfect. The link is expired though. Does anyone else know how to duplicate a file as an action? For example you have a template file I often fill out. And I often forget to make a copy thus messing up the template. So if I could just: File action -> copy template -> open copy. That would be awesome!
  8. Oh that link worked instantly. Thank you both 👍️🌲️ https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow/releases/download/1.0/Character.Word.Counter.alfredworkflow
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. What's the "OP"? I've been going to this link" https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow and downloading the file and, I just don't know what to do with it? There is no .alfredworkflow file in there and when I compress and rename it, it only half works, but it won't count the characters. I can't figure out how to use an alfred workflow from github.
  10. Looks great. I'm a super newbie dev and I'm having trouble installing it. I tried compressing it into a "Archive.alfredworkflow" file but only part of the flow appeared. I'd like to try "composer install" or "git clone" but I don't know what folder I need to be in inside Iterm. Thanks, Chris
  11. Awesome! From the Contacts app just press Cmd-L then you can edit. 🤓️
  12. Just figured it out. This works great for bookkeeping, you can find the $ amount on a statement instantly
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