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  1. Hey, thank you. Oh, i forgot, that i have to type in my password after some of these lines, too. I think, i will solve it still by hand, line for line.. 😔 Greetz Chris
  2. Hi, always when i want to upload a backup of a sd-card (.zip-File), Dropbox has problems with permissions. The support adviced me to close Dropbox and then type the following rows in the terminal: sudo chflags -R nouchg ~/Dropbox ~/.dropbox ~/.dropbox-master sudo chown "$USER" "$HOME" sudo chown -R "$USER" ~/Dropbox ~/.dropbox sudo chmod -RN ~/.dropbox ~/Dropbox chmod -R u+rw ~/Dropbox ~/.dropbox Some of these rows take time to finish. Is it possible, that Alfred gets feedback from terminal, when the next prompt is ready? Greetz Chris
  3. Wow! Now i can maintain my musiccollection while browsing again! Thank you so much! 👍👍👍👍👍 Alfred made my computer so much more valuable to me! 🥰 Greetz Chris
  4. Are you sure, that it is possible to skip backward & forward (for example 10 secondswise) inside a track? Can't find a possibility to do this inside Alfred so far. Greetz Chris
  5. Hi, i built a small workflow for restarting the finder. It works, but everytime i have to close terminal after the keystroke. I'd like to lean, how to built this workflow, so that i don't have to close the terminal after each keystroke. Greetz Chris
  6. I added a hotkey for generating an often used txt-file of mine (see picture). Is it possibility to add the hotkey so, that it is not necessary to press "enter", after triggering? Greetz Chris
  7. I am missing skipping 10 seconds backward and forward so much, too. Hope, Alfred can bring us this amazing functionality of the old Sizzling Keys back! Would love it so much! Greetz Chris
  8. Amazing workflow (including folder(-s) creation). Thank you so much. Greetz Chris
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