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  1. Yeah I'll try. I did that because the script uses two apis from different services and have to interact with another script to have some credentials. That way I only put that string before it so that I don't have to change nothing. Thank you very much!!! Have a good day
  2. Firstly thank you very much. I finally managed to do that in another way last night. I chose 'run script' and put it in bash, then I wrote this /usr/local/bin/python3 <<'EOF' - "$@" and pasted all the script next to it. That's a very long script but it seems all okay . Is it right? Thanks anyway for your super helpful tips, will use them for sure. Have a good day!
  3. Yes it does and the output is adding some lines in a database in an app I use, using the API of that app
  4. Thank you, is there a way to download Python modules so? I tried to open the directory of the workflow with Terminal, but pip said that the package was already installed....from the debugger I see that's not true so I think that I have to download the module in another place....Where?How?
  5. Okay I've just restarted Alfred and the Macbook and now all is on point, sorry for the mess I've done. Thank you for all
  6. Hi, thank you. What type of action should I choose so? I see run script and terminal command, and in run script you can choose many languages, should I use python from there ?
  7. Hi, now I understand. I put the variable that makes the searched page opening in the desktop app to true, but it function only if Notion is closed, because it opens a new Notion window with the searched page. Is someway possible to use the workflow having Notion opened?
  8. Hi! I'm searching a way to run a Python script using a Hotkey with Alfred. The script uses external modules so it isn't written with Py standard library. Would be cool having all working in background, no terminal windows opening..... Is it possible?? Thanks
  9. I think you didn't put the right token on the variables
  10. @wrjlewis Hi! The Workflow searches pages and all is right, but it doesn't open them....what can I do ??
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