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  1. First, thanks for the wonderful Alfred Remote and for recommending the Anker Stands. Grabbed two from Amazon for only $10 each! It was the perfect stand to encourage me to integrate my iPad air into my Alfred workflow. However, I can’t use with my iPhone 5s (see attached blurry image). Any chance we can get rotation on the iPhone 5s in a future version? Looking forward to the wonderful workflows that the Alfred community are sure to bring to Alfred and Alfred Remote. Great addition the Alfred. ------------------------ Steven http://www.stevencombs.com
  2. Outstanding! I just forked this one and have some ideas for some personal enhancements.
  3. One word: OUTSTANDING! Feature request: as you are sure to update with more goodness, add Alleyoop update.
  4. Much better! Thanks for the update that improves on the original! I made an adjustment to require an argument, but that’s just to better fit my workflow. Simple solution to a problem that has bugged me.
  5. The default view in Apple Calendar is seven days; however, I sometimes like to see ten to fourteen days ahead and I don’t want to do that in the constricted monthly view. This Alfred 2 workflow will change the default number of days that are displayed in the Apple Calendar week view. Download the workflow here. Learn more about the workflow here. ---------- :: http://www.docstechnotes.com :: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/DocsTechNotes
  6. This is a workflow that you won’t use often, but when you do need it, it will solve a common Finder annoyance. Ever right-click a file, choose Open With… and Finder presents all the applications that can open that file, only many of them are duplicates (see image below)? Activate this workflow with rdcmi, wait a few seconds and all those duplicate entries are removed. Find more information here. Download the workflow here. I keep my small collection (more coming) of Workflows/Extensions here. ---------- :: Steven "Doc" Combs, Ph.D. :: http://www.docstechnotes.com :: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/DocsTechNotes
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