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  1. It's working now! I think that the thing that was causing trouble is that I had an old install of terminal-share that wasn't working very well and I think it was in conflict. Thanks a lot for the answer!
  2. Since version 1.09 is not working for me, each time I run an action with the shortcut with a selected file in the Finder, it says "Sharing cancelled"… do you know what could be happening? Thanks!
  3. Great workflow! I'm not a fan of the kippt redesign, so this is very handy!
  4. Works great now! Great workflow, I love it for Airdrop!
  5. Sure, it says: /Users/MYUSER/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p194/bin/terminal-share
  6. Hi! I've installed terminal-share and it seems to work (If I type 'terminal-share' it list me all the commands, etc) but when I try to use the Workflow it says it's not installed. I think it's looking it in /usr/bin but I don't think it's there. Do you know why is that? It's something to do that I have Ruby 1.9.3 besides de 1.8.7 of OSX? Thanks in advance!
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