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  1. Good day. If you add a snippet, and the 'name' field contains an emoji, it will not sync to other Alfred instances. To replicate: - Add a new snippet. - In the 'name field', add an emoji character. The keyword can be whatever you want, and the snippet can be whatever you want. - Close Alfred, allow a few moments to sync. - Check other Alfred enabled device - snippet is not there. To confirm: - Return to first instance, rename the 'name' field from emoji character to normal text. - Close, wait, sync. - New snippet shows on different instance. Version: 3, b652 Sync: Dropbox OS: El Cap
  2. Here are a few of the default TextExpander snippets, converted to Alfred3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1l9dn1iaafogmi2/TextExpander-To-Alfred3-Snippet-Collection--Emoji-Symbols-TidBits-Accented.zip?dl=0 Includes: Symbols Emoji (in Slack format, i.e. :keyword: ) TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary Accented Words Unzip, double-click to install.
  3. Download: https://bitly.com/1cXgNbn So, as you all know, Cir.ca is THE place to get mobile news these days. But currently (as of this writing) there is no desktop site/app available. You *can* get to news stories, there’s just no home page index of what’s available for viewing. However, you can search your favorite engine to find and follow topics. After an URL correction by the wonderful Cir.ca Twitter account, I decided to save myself a little time by creating an Alfred app workflow. Essentially, you type ‘cir.ca’ (or just ‘cir’ in most cases), hit enter/space, add a topic and your default browser will search Google for that topic, limited to results on Cir.ca. I hope you enjoy it. (I am not affiliated with Cir.ca, Google and/or the news)
  4. Hi. I put together this little workflow to quickly search MLB.com for my keyword whether its a team, player or whatever. Nothing fancy, but it works. :-) Download: http://db.tt/yfHHf7L6 Screenshot: http://db.tt/pKd8FB5o Enjoy, and #GoReds!
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