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  1. This is the new output.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/rl9xbywg4q8blxm/output.log
  2. I tried deleting the library.db file and when I relaunch the spot_mini i still get nothing. I also tried adding the error_reporting(0); to all the php files and looking. I also tried delete the entire workflow and reinstalling it and nothing still sorry for all the trouble. I am a php developer as well
  3. So i can not get to where i need to install the library. I have never seen this when i type spot_mini http://cl.ly/image/3t3K393o0I1w and here is the output.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/rl9xbywg4q8blxm/output.log
  4. So I delete the settings.db and let it recreate itself but I am still having the same issue.
  5. My bad I do have them. The way I was navigating to the folder with pathfinder did not show them. I have both library.db and settings.db
  6. I have no settings.db directory and I do not remember manually deleting it. And when I invoke the mini player it does not seem to be getting created.
  7. When i print out the setting array this is what I get. http://cl.ly/image/3q3P1l0G1838
  8. Here you go. I did not know it was in php or else I would have looked at it myself. http://cl.ly/image/233D0f2k4145
  9. I am having issues as well. I see the Happy hacking! I quite Spotify, logged out and then logged back in and when I type spot_mini I do not get anything but http://cl.ly/image/1C0q1U3B2U2z. Any suggestions?
  10. I am having issues with getting this to work. I opened the file and updated the email and password strings and I still can not get it add items. Do you have to have a premium ACC with wunderlist for this to work?
  11. I am very interested in this as well. Looking for ward to having this workflow.
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