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  1. So telegram-cli isn't able to run, because liblua is missing. Can u check if any liblua.??.dylib file is in the /usr/local/opt/lua/lib/ folder? if you have brew installed, you could try brew install lua
  2. 0.0.4: Major update: own telegram-cli from different repo (https://github.com/kenorb-contrib/tg, vysheng's seems abandoned, and brew installs the one from vysheng), merged th, tc and t, added ta to activate telegram with a certain user selected
  3. For some reason droplr decided that the links work again. So the download links magically are good again - Feel free to work based on it, it's quite arcane though and skype decided to ban the way I accessed it a long time ago.
  4. Hey! After 6 Years of Mac abstinence I'm back to OSX and Alfred was a main reason to switch back But what Skype was then, Telegram is today and I saw that there is no Workflow for Telegram 😪 - unbearable. So here it is. It's a first rough prototype but it does exactly what it should. It's a quite decent prototype, still lacking the really cool features, but quite stable - yay. UPDATE: I've switched to delivering a self-compiled version of telegram-cli from a more up-to-date repo, 'treset' should unlock it - but please let me know if it doesn't run. You
  5. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the code anymore.
  6. I no longer have a mac and therefore cannot provide any help here. If there's a willing developer to take over, I would be more than grateful. I think the source should be mostly self explanatory - and is mostly documented as well.
  7. I see, that means that something went wrong and no output was generated, hence nothing was cached... unfortunately I don't have a Mac anymore, so I can't really support this. Maybe one of the other active workflow devs could take this over?
  8. After running wlup, you should get a notification, that tells you how many tasks have been cached from the list. (Something like "223 Tasks in 20 Lists") do you get this or what content does the notification show?
  9. You may start here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2632-wunderlist-2-workflow-alpha/
  10. Start here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2632-wunderlist-2-workflow-alpha/
  11. Here's a quick workflow for wunderlist 2, it uses its undocumented api To use it you need to edit the file wunderfred.py in the workflow, there is a line that you need to edit your login credentials to: w = Wunderlist("email","password") #<<< Add login credentials here! It has 3 commands. wlup - updates the cached list (takes a while) wlt - lists the tasks filtered by whatever you type after the keyword. If you select a task and hit enter, it will be marked completed. wla - adds a new task to the list you select by searching. whatever is after the : will be written
  12. Thanks for digging into this and sorry for my sluggish reply. Interesting problem... if you delete the avatars folder in the extension directory and try again, does the same number of images show up again? It might be that something went wrong during extraction. The most general tip is to wrap with contextlib.closing(sqlite3.connect(path).cursor()) as db: for av in db.execute("SELECT skypename,avatar_image FROM Contacts WHERE type=1 AND is_permanent=1 UNION"\ " SELECT skypename,avatar_image from Accounts"): if av[1] is not None:
  13. That's great thank you, exactly what i needed! I will publish a version today that will remedy that problem What you you can do is rename your dad's visible name in skype so it contains "Dad", you should then be able to "s dad", where he should be the first hit. (If not, add "dad" twice, the entries are sorted by the number of characters that are match your query, e.g. if you do "s dad" and the skypename of your dad is daddaddad, it will return 9 as 9 chars have been matched ) After you changed the name, run "s update" to load the namechange into the cache. (Note: What is displayed
  14. That is awesome, will include it into mine asap. One neat thing would be to have another command "ooplist" or so, to see which workflows are oop-enabled.
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