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  1. When I choose an album in the mini-player, I can browse the songs in that album. I'd like to have the same feature for playlists and for artists I would like to have it without the step between of having to choose an album.
  2. Thanks. That's pretty much what David suggested. But unfortunately it doesn't help a lot because I cannot act on it like in the Finder (Quicklook, copy around etc.). I searched more and it seems that it is just not possible to do what I want (get a Finder-window with search results) because Spotlight is actually not Applescriptable and apparently it is not possible to get the output of mdfind into a Finder-window. There's even a tip from an Apple Product Manager floating around which "scripts" it by emulating pushing buttons m)
  3. Yep, I know but replacing the ftp by http and removing the one / from the double-slash gives a 404
  4. I can't connect to the linked ftp-server (probably because it doesn't allow anonymous login) and a request via http gives a 404. I will have a look at the macdevcenter-link. Thanks a lot
  5. Ouch…that seems a bit out of reach for me and my available time >_< Let's see what I can do… :/
  6. How do you do that? I can run the mdfind via a bash-script ok. But how do I get the files as "Alfred feedback" (and what do you mean actually by that)? And I would really prefer to get those results in a finder-window to have a "static" list for being able to quicklook and open files without doing the search again.
  7. I am creating a workflow that searches sites like Google Scholar, JStor and my local Evernote database for a query. Is it possible to search somehow via spotlight as well to get all files shown that contain the query (not only in the file name but in the content, too)? What I want to do is for example a first crude search for a research topic. That shall reveal results from several web sites like Google Scholar or JStor, my Instapaper- and pinboard-account, but also results from local libraries and of course local stuff on my harddrive like my Evernote-database and of course files that Spotlight would find.
  8. I am creating a workflow with several web searches. I noticed that a workflow will add tabs for the searches in the front most browser window. Is it possible to open a new browser window (in my case Safari) that has all the tabs (and no about:blank-tab) for the searchs without cluttering an already open window from a workflow?
  9. I am creating a workflow with a lot of searches. All get added one below each other. It would be really great if I could make that window bigger to be able to see all at once.
  10. I just built myself three custom searches and then I created a workflow were I use all those three searches (which I won't do all the time). I had to enter all searches again as "Open URL". Therefore the following suggestion: Rename in the workflow triggers "Default Web Searches" to "Web Searches" and list all configured searches. Then one can save oneself some work. If you don't want that because of some reason (limit the shown entries for example) add an additional item "Custom searches". That item should list all custom searches and should allow a new entry. When I use the new entry-trigger it should allow me to add a custom search which does not only go to the workflow but also is saved in my custom searches. That would save some work, too. And now back to configure the same search twice because it just crossed my mind that I forgot a search in my workflow which might be handy as a custom search as well.
  11. Good to know. I just searched for it and wondered how I activate that feature.
  12. Awesome. Copied it for me to use it. Looks really great
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