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  1. This is really amazing. Definitely one of the more advanced workflows I've ever seen, and you've only been working for 2 days!
  2. That's excellent. I plan on finishing an htpc build in the next few weeks to do exactly that haha
  3. Plex is a wonderful tool for media viewing, categorizing, etc. and I think it would be great to join that with Alfred. I know Plex has an api though I don't know enough about it to get the job done myself. I was thinking at first it would be awesome to be able to just search through the media server from within Alfred (perhaps being able to hit enter on a title and it launch the web version of plex). Something that it could technically also due based on a glance at the API is actually controlling a remote plex media center, which would be awesome. What do you guys think?
  4. Awesome, sounds good. Alfred v2.0.3 (187) and This is the first time. In fact, first day with Powerpack haha
  5. I'm gettin' 'Error: "OK"' when I try a command. Sorry, new to this.
  6. How do you put in username and password? I know you say "I open dialogs via AppleScript" but how do I get it to do this/where do I go?
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