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  1. I'll try to get a signed version of the workflow up in the next few days. That won't do anything for you if you've done the right-click + Open trick, but it will at least nix this problem for new users.
  2. The most recent release (on github) shouldn't have this issue.
  3. Interesting, I hadn't seen that setting before. You learn something new every day! 😄
  4. @pulgalipe Do you mean that the temperature, etc. values aren't visible until you highlight a particular item? If that's the case, it could mean that your color scheme is misconfigured (specifically, the "result subtext" color might be the same as the default background color).
  5. I tested the workflow with ClimaCell this weekend, and I couldn't reproduce any issues (which doesn't mean there isn't a problem, just that it didn't show up for me). One thing to do is run `wtr options` and verify that your ClimaCell key matches what's in your account at developer.climacell.co.
  6. Hmmm...the 403 implies that either the API key is invalid, or they've changed an API. I'll try to take a look this weekend.
  7. Try opening up Alfred's preferences, then go to Workflows -> Toggl, and click the "debug" icon in the upper right of the preferences window. Try getting the status of your active timers (`tgl timers`) and look at the messages that show up in the debug pane. Testing myself (which may not say much since I haven't use Toggl in a while so I have no active tasks), the GET request to toggl.com to load the timers takes 1-2 seconds. Using `tgl timers` again within a short time should use the cache and not make a new GET request. Is the GET request taking a long time, or does it look like it might be something else?
  8. I haven’t looked at this in quite a while, but I imagine it won’t work for new users since Google killed the “works with Nest” API. I believe they plan to open a new developer API later this year, though.
  9. Version 1.6.0 is out with support for a couple of new APIs. Since Weather Underground has been gone for a while and DarkSky is on its way out, I added support for ClimaCell and OpenWeather.
  10. Run `wto`, select one of the *Key options (e.g., DarkSkyKey), hit enter, paste your key, and hit enter again.
  11. Apparently this has been an issue for a number of users. A short term fix is described here.
  12. @Cicilia Thanks for letting me know. I created #55 to track that.
  13. A new release has been posted to GitHub, and should show up on Packal shortly. Give that a try.
  14. Ok, version 1.5.0 is out. I replaced uses of Google's Location API with OpenStreetMaps Nominatim, which seems to work OK, although it's a bit less intelligent than Google's. At least it works, though.
  15. The problem is that Google stopped allowing requests to its Location API without an API key in June, and apparently I haven't used the location feature in a while. :) To fix it I'll either need to switch to some other location service or required all users to get a Google API key, which is a bit of a pain. It looks like OpenStreetMaps has an open location service API; I'll look into that.
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