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  1. Thank you for this! Is it possible to use the workflow to send you to Things, specifically showing you the Today view of a specific tag? For example, I use tags to break up my life by 'Work', 'Family and Friends' and 'Personal'. So, it'd be great if I could call the workflow to put me in a specific view within Things.
  2. I have "Email a contact" enabled, but if Mail.app is in another space and I attempt to use Alfred to send an email, Mission Control sends me to the space Mail.app is occupying and my New Message window is there. I've tried with Mission Control's "When switch to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application" set and unset.
  3. I'm wanting to compose and send an email in the current space - whether Mail.app is running in that space or not. I'm able to do create a new message via AppleScript and Automator, but the New Message window is always located in the space that Mail.app resides in. The action/workflow doesn't have to be via Mail.app - I'm open to anything. Any ideas?
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