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  1. 1. I added support for panes today, please download latest version 2. This should work out of the box
  2. Thanks for letting know. This was a bug, I just fixed it, you can download here: https://github.com/madvas/alfred-iterm-sessions
  3. Thank you very much!! I've been searching for this ขอบคุณครับ
  4. Packal is great! But I miss a lot ability to rate workflows/themes. So people can see "Top rated" or "Most downloaded" items, and therefore discover best workflows super quickly. Anyways, very nice job
  5. Awesome workflow, thanks! Very smart idea
  6. Alfred workflow to quickly select of one currently opened iTerm sessions Just type “sessions” and it will show currently opened iTerm sessions. Optionally, you can type text to filter by session name. You can download on Github: https://github.com/madvas/alfred-iterm-sessions
  7. Awesome workflow! Many thanks. Is there a way to set 'g' command as fallback results in Alfred? When I go Alfred -> Default Results -> Setup fallback results -> '+' -> Workflow trigger, there's not this workflow
  8. This workflow is super useful! Just wanted to say thanks
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