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  1. Vote +1. Would be awesome if workflow JSON supports markdown or HTML syntax.
  2. Github: https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/tree/master/alfred-bookmark Download link: https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/raw/master/alfred-bookmark/alfred-bookmark.alfredworkflow alfred-bookmark Alfred 3 workflow to manage Browser's bookmark. It is tested on Google Chrome and Safari. Install To install, download the latest file and double-click to open in Alfred 3. Setup & Keys Add Bookmark (Configurable: F5) Search Bookmark - Supports Incremental search (Configurable: F1) Edit Bookmark (mod:Ctr
  3. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/ autocomplete field seems not to be applicable to mods field. It would be helpful to support this option to mods objects. Sometimes it is necessary to expand other words with the mods key when creating a workflow.
  4. I think Safari or Chrome must be stopped before performing editing.
  5. Web bookmarks of Alfred provide search functionality for Safari and Chrome. How about supporting to delete or edit bookmarks? Currently, there is one action for the searched bookmark. Please add some modifier in the configuration screen, perform delete or edit bookmark with the modifier key. Please let me know what you think.
  6. I updated the workflow and released it to github. @Today is changed into id, so I think it will work for spanish translation.
  7. Updated for Things 3. title #tag @t|a|s ::note >duedate (ex. fri, 3d, 2w, 12/31) Github main branch is for Things3. For Things 2, download from history commit. https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/tree/d4ecb77112621edcd65d676303f20cc1dd747f92/things
  8. Add to Things workflow. Supports date parsing for easy input. t title #tag @t|n|s ::note >duedate (ex. fri, 3d, 2w, 12/31) - create things todo tm title #tag @t|n|s >duedate - create todo with clipboard contents as a note - Syntax - #tag : tag - Focus : default location is 'Inbox' - @t : @Today - @n : @Next - @s : @Someday - ::note : note - > duedate - > : today - > 2d : two days after - > fri : next friday - > -1d : one day before - >
  9. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4345768/markdown-toc.alfredworkflow Usage: Select markdown document, and select [Markdown TOC] then toc contents are copied to Clipboard. Markdown: Output: Default depth of section is 2.
  10. ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.BAF71062-A6BA-40A6-A1A0-09B8628D42E5 $ python update.py Excludes setting - [u'tmp', u'bad/smell/*', u'old*'] 20:46:17 update.py:89 DEBUG repo `alfred-extension` at `/Users/jmjeong/git/alfred-extension` 20:46:17 update.py:89 DEBUG repo `bobby` at `/Users/jmjeong/git/bobby` 20:46:17 update.py:89 DEBUG repo `CCMask` at `/Users/jmjeong/git/CCMask` 20:46:17 update.py:89 DEBUG repo `cocos-samples` at `/Users/jmjeong/git/cocos-samples` 20:46:17 update.py:89 DEBUG repo `django-appsales` at `/Users/jmjeong/git/django-
  11. v1.3 follow symlinks, but global_exclude_pattern doesn't work. I set 'global_exclude_patterns": ["old*"] ' in settings.json, but old.jmjeong.com repo still appears. In the previous version, it doesn't
  12. Symbolic link to other directory seems to be not updated correctly. jmjeong.com -> /Users/jmjeong/Dropbox/Documents/jmjeong.com
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