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  1. I had the same problem as everyone here. Disabling Alfred 2 in System Preferences and unchecking/rechecking 'Automatically expand... ' fixed the issue for me.
  2. Looks like that did the trick. Sorry I didn't figure that out sooner. Thank you, Alfred's Dad.
  3. I noticed that any new .md files I add to this directory are showing up fine in Alfred. It's just the files that I created before updating Yosemite that are not appearing. If I take a not-working-md-file and make a copy of it in the same location, the new copy will show up in Alfred but the old file doesnt. Both files show as having the same owner and the same file permissions (they are both 774). So I ran both files through your metadata tool and then vimdiff. What I found is that the pre-OSX10.10.3-update files are not showing as markdown files but as something strange ("dyn.ah6
  4. If I drag .markdown and .md files into the User-defined filetypes, I'm getting the same output, letter-for-letter, and it only retains one entry (that is, I'm not seeing two markdown filetypes on the list). The metadata output is below, but I think I'm starting to stray from the idea that this issue is filetype related. See my next reply. /Users/dechimp/Downloads/foo.md Internal File Metadata ====================== Display Name: foo.md Alt Names: File Type: net.daringfireball.markdown Comments: Keywords: Last Used: Raw mdls File Metadata =================
  5. I do have the Markdown filetype added. I wrote that in #6. If you don't believe me, though, see the screenshot below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0axlxmn02ghifh9/Screenshot%202015-04-15%2014.27.56.png?dl=0 I think I know the problem now, but I dont know how to fix it yet.... When I dragged a .md file into the User-defined filetypes, it appeared to add markdown support, but only .markdown files seem to work, not .md files.
  6. I upgraded to OS X 10.10.3 and now Alfred cannot find my markdown files. I seemed to try everything in this guide http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:indexing, but maybe there's something I missed. Here's what all I tried. 1) OS X Spotlight Preferences > Privacy. No folders were listed. I added the folder and removed it. 2) OS X Spotlight Preferences > Search Results. All boxes are checked 3) Alfred Search scope is set to the right folder. I removed and re-added the folder. 4) File permissions: I set all the files in the folder (and the folder itself) to Chmod 777. 5) I rebuilt the
  7. Take the selected file (or folder) in Finder and edit it in MacVim. This would also be a good pattern for "Open Finder file in ThisOtherApplication" https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27500327/shared/Finder_to_MacVim.alfredworkflow
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