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  1. Could you help me change the Applescript so that it always turns Internet Sharing off? I want to add this script to the end of a different Workflow so that OS X always turns off Internet Sharing and goes to sleep: tell application finder to sleep end tell
  2. Perfect! I had to change row 11 to row 9, and "Airport" to "Internet Sharing" in the Applescript. I think that's because this is an old lifehacker post and things have changed in OS X. I also added this at the end: tell application "System Preferences" quit end tell
  3. My MacBook does not sleep while internet sharing is enabled. Therefore I usually go to system preferences to turn it off and on multiple times a day. Can anybody help me with creating a workflow that completes this task faster? I'm a newbie for sure. Thanks in advance!
  4. I was afraid that this would be the answer but I guess it isn't that big of an annoyance. Thank you very much for the clarification!
  5. I was afraid of this answer... but I appreciate your clarification!
  6. When Alfred opens Google Chrome to search or do any workflow involving the web, it opens a new tab next to the default new tab page. Is there a way to prevent Chrome from opening this new tab page when Alfred opens it? (it gets annoying always closing this extra tab) Thanks!
  7. I noticed that I cannot send an attachment through gmail, and only through apps on my Mac like Mail.app Would it be possible to send attachments through gmail in the future?
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