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  1. Ah, you need to set an option in the "Alfred Gallery > Automation task options" screen. Didn't know that was there. Definitely solves my issue with finding automation tasks.
  2. bit of a small workflow dev feature request: A search bar in the automation tasks selector screen. There's a lot of them!
  3. Imo, you can get 90% of the way to fuzzy keyword action searching by making your keywords natural language and longer/more descriptive, then using cmd+[1-9]/return to select keywords before finishing them. e.g. Instead of m for menu bar search I use menu, screenshots for screenshot viewer, clipboard images for clipboard images etc. Usually I would only start typing "scr" and it would quickly show me the results. This means I don't have to remember exact abbreviations but can instead just start typing natural language and so long as the keyword has a good, obvious natural way to describe it, it will surface. Obviously a little fuzzing would help but just by renaming the default abbreviation keywords most workflows ship with I find I'm 80% of the way there. For really common or core stuff like say, searching for a file, I still use a single letter or symbol, but only a few of these to remember by heart.
  4. The lack of ability to drag more than one item from buffer is the sole reason I keep another drag and drop tool (dropover) on my mac. I use it rarely enough (prefer to use Alfred for nearly all of its functionality, including storing a single file for dropping) I don't even run it at startup anymore. Copy and paste works sometimes, but some apps/web UX don't support pasting where they except a file drop. Very annoying to be inside an alfred flow and then have to remember "ah, you need dropover because you want to drop 5 files and paste doesn't work here". A huge +1 on multiple file drop from me
  5. Linkwarden is a raindrop-like open source bookmark manager. This is a simple workflow that allows you to search and open your linkwarden links/bookmarks. It requires you to create an api key at https://cloud.linkwarden.app/settings/access-tokens. Download latest here Link to repo
  6. I'm using None to detect if the correct values are set for a given Action using a conditional, so I can display an error message. Is there way to detect if a var is completely unset? Edit: the condition works if you just leave the field empty.. silly me Okay, will do, thanks for the tip!
  7. Made an File Action upload tool, with a framework to be able to more easily add other destinations. Leverages existing upload cli tools where possible. Currently supports nextcloud upload + share link generation and immich. https://github.com/deafmute1/alfred-upload
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