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  1. Version 1.6 is here! Once more I rewrote it (this time in Python) and now it supports multiple file/folder names copying! Download from here (link also in first post).
  2. We can use Alfred on all our Macs. I have two – one for personal use and one for working. I would appreciate possibility to disable workflows on certain Mac so I would have enabled those used on personal Mac and others on my work Mac. There is such possibility in Keyboard Maestro app and I am using it and thought that Alfred could also include such option.
  3. Thanks for fix gingerbeardman! I've also updated direct download link in first post.
  4. Hi thailoving, I have updated workflow's download link in first post. Also I've checked with with Alfred 3 and seems to work fine.
  5. Hi Serge, glad you like my workflow. Sure you can extract icons from Canada App Store, altough it requires editing one of the workflow's files. In Alfred Preferences, go to Workflows tab, find my Get App Icon workflow and click it with right mouse button (or Ctrl+click). In the pop-up menu choose Show in Finder. The Finder window with workflow's files will open. Just edit with some text editor (like TextWrangler) the file acpython.py. Right at the top of the file you should find a lot of "#". Underneath is COUNTRY variable with value of 'pl'. Just change 'pl' to ISO code of country you wan
  6. Thanks for feedback! I gave the Homebrew solution because as far as I can remember there were problems with pip not integrating Pillow with Python. But maybe this changed now. I will check and eventually update my first post.
  7. Introduction The Get App Icon purpose is to: extract app’s icon from installed in /Application folder apps; extract app’s icon from Alfred action extension download app’s icon from App Store and Mac App Store Download from Packal → link direct download → link Screenshots How it works? To invoke Get App Icon workflow: use the icon keyword which will list all available in /Application folder apps; at top of results there is option to switch to online (App Store / Mac App Store) search that will search for typed app name; use File Action Extract app icon on chosen app on your Mac. The wo
  8. Hi! The purpose of this workflow is to just copy the name of selected file or folder. Its name is stored in system clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want. What you write can be achieved by default Alfred action. You can find and set it keyboard shortcut in Features → File Search → Actions → File Selection. Then, by selecting file/folder you can make some actions over them.
  9. Everything is described in the first post. To get rid of extension you need to edit workflow – in Run Script delete „#” in #filename=${filename%.*}
  10. Hi Dellu. First of all I am glad you like my workflow, I am too using it commonly. As of your problem – the workflow is working with specified by user shortcuts inside Alfred. Don't know why it does not in your case. Am I understand it right that you set: Ctrl+Shift+Cmd+, If so, I have checked it and it works properly. Unfurtunatelly (but happily) what you are writing is slightly wrong Carlos. Workflow shortcut will work not only outside Alfred (in Finder, PathFinder, Forklift, open file dialogue windows, etc.) but also inside Alfred window which is when normally searching files (
  11. I have updated my workflow to versions 1.5 and 1.1.1 (kudos for Carlos Sz). Read desription in the first post → click.
  12. Inspired by Don Southard's Screen Sharing Workflow for Alfred v1 I have made VNC workflow using Alfred 2 dynamic list feature. First of all here is the download → link To add machines simply write vnc setup and after space insert machine name, its IP address and optionally port, exactly like that: Name-IP_address:port for example: Living Room- To delete machines write vlc delete and choose from list which machine you would like to delete. Please, feel free to comment, to give some hints, etc.
  13. First of all, sorry for such late respond… To much to do, but so little time. Carlos, your version is exactly what I was intended my workflow to do! It’s clearly commented, so I was also able to learn something new. Wouldn’t you mind if I will update my first post for your link as the new version? And one more time, great thanks for help!
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