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  1. Any ideas how I would extend this to also open a terminal window based on the folder that the .sublime-project file exists in?
  2. Hi Matt, As I said I love this workflow and have used it for a little while. What I was wondered is how I could convert or duplicate and make this to go the other way. So to convert a slug string back into a normal string so for example. terry-has-a-slug-with-a-title to be converted into Terry Has a Slug with a Title (or even just all lowercase). So an un-slug if you will. Thanks Terry
  3. Thanks for this Matt. Just what I was looking for. Great work.
  4. How can you change this to make it open in new windows not tabs as I always have Transmit minimised and so often this script fails to start/work? Thanks.
  5. Guys, any update on this at all?
  6. This is an awesome workflow and I use it daily but since upgrading to Mavericks yesterday it has stopped working. If I type FTP then it doesn't do anything instead shows the google search. here is a quick screencast of it. http://quick.as/la9hdky Any ideas how to fix this? I have tried reinstalling the workflow. Thanks.
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