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  1. Spotlight has indexed them per attached, yet Alfred is not seeing them.
  2. Hi all, I just loaded macOS High Sierra public beta, and I'm observing that latest version of Alfred does not seem to be searching Safari bookmarks. macOS 10.13 Beta (17A291m) MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) Safari Version 11.0 (13604.
  3. I would like to join the chorus with a request that Alfred incorporate the ability to cycle through all the apps and associated individual windows, in effect replacing Witch, a long part of my window management arsenal. I love Witch, but if Alfred could do what it does, I would be happy.
  4. Is there an action for creating an alias of a file and placing it somewhere? I find that I need to place an alias often on the desktop. Would this be useful to users? Maybe it's already available, and I missed it? Sam
  5. That was it ... I had "don't show music" ticked. Sorry and thanks!
  6. Can anyone offer an answer as to why Alfred cannot find this file? Thanks-- Sam
  7. "Include folders in Home" is checked and Spotlight is finding the file. Thanks for your help! Sam
  8. I just rebuilt Spotlight index, and Alfred still cannot find the file.
  9. I invoke file searching with the space bar.
  10. Hi, Yes, the query is simply "true." File is located thusly: /Users/sduncan/Documents/Working/2014-01-23_TrueDetectiveClip.m4a
  11. Hi all, I have a file called "2014-01-23_TrueDetectiveClip.m4a" that Alfred does not seem to index. I'm using the "open file ..." command. Any ideas about what is wrong? Sam
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