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  1. LOVE this workflow. If any of you have special characters in your master password for lastpass, you might run into an issue where it's hard to login via the lastpass CLI tool that the workflow launches when you try to login. To get around this, don't allow the CLI tool to prompt for your password with pinentry. When you install lastpass-cli via Homebrew don't include the "--with-pinentry" flag and it won't be installed. If you already installed it, either run "brew uninstall pinentry" or temporarily disable the pinentry prompt by running "LPASS_DISABLE_PINENTRY=1 lpass login <username>". Hopefully that helps anyone having issues like I was. I was able to pretty quickly figure out the issue, but others might not.
  2. Milo42, I used vim while modifying the script so I was able to see the delimiters alright. I didn't really have to touch that part of your script though since I could just use the var you assigned it to and not really worry about it
  3. I like this workflow but I modified it to suit me better. I thought it was dumb that snippets have both a name and a keyword. I felt like they should be the same so I modified the workflow bash script to just use the first value as the name and keyword and the second value as the content. They are still stored as separate fields in the database, but from the user's perspective they are the same I also changed the keyword from "snp" to "snip" and then I changed the "snip" keyword in the clipboard settings to "snap". So now I can do "snip name:content" to store a snippet, and "snap name" to paste it. I'm probably going to add a "delsnip" keyword at some point to so I can easily remove them. I'm not sure yet though; I'm not as worried about an insert query against alfdb as I would be about a delete query. We'll see. At least the snippets.alfdb file appears to be just for snippets. Worst case is you corrupt your snippets db file and have to delete it and re-create all your snippets. If anyone else wants my modified workflow, here you go: http://goo.gl/sVUmwp PS - I know everyone is all worried about the integrity of the Alfred database. Honestly, the query is super super tiny. The only way things would get screwed up here is if Alfred updates and changes the database schema, but considering that snippets haven't changed in over a year I highly doubt that will happen. The only time it will happen is when they finally redesign snippets, at which point this workflow will be obsolete anyway. Here's the script if you really want to see what it's doing, which isn't much at all: https://gist.github.com/chevex/87f12a2fd5f549010f98 Just back up the snippets.alfdb file like others have said and then you'll be good to go. That's just my two cents though.
  4. The only thing I really wish this did was somehow integrate with Caffeine if you have it installed. It would be awesome if I typed "coffee 60" and for 60 minutes the little caffeine icon would show as active
  5. The only thing I didn't like was that the keyword didn't have a space after it. I'm sure others like it without the space but I guess I'm a little OCD or something lol.
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