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  1. cands, Yes as you found I did do an update to support the new React-based site. I didn't realize Packal wasn't maintained much. It would be nice if Alfred hosted some kind of registry itself, the way iOS has an App Store, or many languages have official repositories (npm for Node, pypi for Python, etc)...
  2. Thanks, vitor! To answer your question, no, it did not work any differently in Script Editor. I assume I was simply running afoul of the browser's security model. Your suggestion to use tab.url worked out great, though. I am ready to push out a new version, it is all functional again.
  3. I have an Alfred workflow based on a JXA script. It acts as a control mechanism for focusatwill.com (an online music streaming service). It has basic functionality, play/pause, skip track... This was working fine in an earlier version, interacting with the page using query selectors, e.g. tab.execute({ javascript: "document.querySelector('.playerControls .playButton').click();" }) This site recently refactored their UI to use React. My basic controls still work (using querySelector), but one part of the setup (changing the genre) has broken. It used to use querySelectorAll for this task, but in the new React UI, the controls I need to reach don't exist unless you click in the UI ... In any case, the developers exposed an API in the site code, so I can do stuff like window.faw.play() window.faw.skip() window.faw.genre(genreId) And doing that in the developer console in Chrome works fine. But if I try to do the same using tab.execute in JXA (from Alfred), nothing happens. I'm guessing that I'm running afoul of the security model in Chrome. Does anyone know if what I'm trying to do is even possible (from Alfred/JXA)? Or am I going to have to try to do this as a Chrome extension instead? If it's helpful, here is the repository: https://github.com/tangledhelix/focusatwill-in-google-chrome And there's some discussion between me and someone at focusatwill.com on this commit: https://github.com/tangledhelix/focusatwill-in-google-chrome/commit/eb339cba143cdbc2593c73869e11bcd70f18042a
  4. Updated to v1.3. This fixes a Javascript problem that crept up in Chrome at some point, and adds support for changing genre using an auto-complete list within Alfred.
  5. Updated to v1.2, now supports "next track" function.
  6. This workflow lets you play/pause a focusatwill.com tab in Google Chrome using a hotkey or a keyword. It won't activate Chrome, change the active tab, or otherwise disturb what you're otherwise working on. Download the workflow from Packal.
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