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  1. Hey sr_navarre, Sorry for my late reply. Just came across your post on /r/Alfred. Unfortunately, the API I use right now – i. e. the command-line tools mdls and mdfind – are not really designed for this task. I tried a few ideas to add (at least limited) support for subfolders but got nowhere with that. Maybe someone more familiar with the Metadata API than me has an idea as to how to implement this quickly? I’ll happily accept pull requests to the alfred-random_file_picker repo.
  2. I love Packal, and I’ve grown to like awm, the CLI tool by Jonathan Wiesel. The response was not exactly overwhelming when Jonathan pushed awm out three years ago. But that was 2014, and since then CLI tools have gotten some traction, and today they are considered sexier than ever (I think). Anyway, I can’t stop dreaming of a version of awm that is ready for the year 2017. As a humble first step, I’ve just finished up three tiny PRs. They do absolutely nothing but remove the gunk from the `npm install` process. But hey, it’s a start! Regards, Claudia
  3. For me, it only seems to work when I give Calendar a bit of time to get ready, e. g. when I insert a delay like this: set the clipboard to "{query}" as text tell application "Calendar" to activate delay 0.5 tell application "System Events" keystroke "n" using {command down} keystroke "v" using {command down} keystroke return end tell
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