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  1. Hi, No problem, after I found that quitting PopClip did help, I figured that was actually the cause of my problems. I appreciate your help with this Scott
  2. Hi Vero, Yes, actually I AM using PopClip (and downloaded their latest beta version yesterday which addresses Yosemite issues). While it DID help in the short term, everything went crazy again after a reboot. I then updated to the 6th (latest) beta of OS X and that didn't help at all. (Thought that they might have goofed up something within the beta, so I was hopeful.) Thanks, Scott
  3. Hi, I appear to be having similar problems to rbowlby83... If I try and copy text to the Alfred Cliipboard and then paste it, the current item might pop up, it might be the previous item that I copied. When I disable the Alfred Clipboard, copy and paste works properly. As soon as I restart it, it's back to spinning the roulette wheel as to what I'm going to get. I'm using Alfred 2.6 (374) I saved this information for now, I AM using the 10.10.3 public beta and while I do understand, respect and normally comply with not saying anything about using beta OS'es with software,
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