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  1. I do NOT understand it, but it's suddenly working. I really don't have any explanations for it. I hadn't even restarted to make it work, it wasn't working this morning, this afternoon suddenly it was.
  2. Hi, The problem that I'm currently experiencing using Alfred 3.1 (build 718) is that I can no longer have Alfred search my bookmarks using the Safari Technology Preview (or regular Safari for that matter). I'm currently on macOS Sierra (GM build) and I can't quite remember during which Sierra beta that broke the ability to search my bookmarks. I've tried resetting my default browser back from STP to just Safari, which didn't change anything. In order to search them, I've had to rely on Spotlight. Does anyone have any suggestions...? Thanks, Scott
  3. Hi, No problem, after I found that quitting PopClip did help, I figured that was actually the cause of my problems. I appreciate your help with this Scott
  4. Hi Vero, Yes, actually I AM using PopClip (and downloaded their latest beta version yesterday which addresses Yosemite issues). While it DID help in the short term, everything went crazy again after a reboot. I then updated to the 6th (latest) beta of OS X and that didn't help at all. (Thought that they might have goofed up something within the beta, so I was hopeful.) Thanks, Scott
  5. Hi, I appear to be having similar problems to rbowlby83... If I try and copy text to the Alfred Cliipboard and then paste it, the current item might pop up, it might be the previous item that I copied. When I disable the Alfred Clipboard, copy and paste works properly. As soon as I restart it, it's back to spinning the roulette wheel as to what I'm going to get. I'm using Alfred 2.6 (374) I saved this information for now, I AM using the 10.10.3 public beta and while I do understand, respect and normally comply with not saying anything about using beta OS'es with software, I have run into this problem with 10.10.2 in the past as well, (which is the only reason I'm bringing it up now). I can't tell if the Alfred Clipboard isn't getting updated quick enough or not, and like rbowlby83, I didn't realize how often I used the feature. One question though, (outside of my recent problem), is there ANY way to use the Alfred Clipboard manager and select a previously copied piece of text and NOT have it automatically pasted...? If I press return or mouse click on the previous item, it's automatically pasted, I just want to make it the most current item that's ready to be pasted. I realize that I can go back to the item and recopy it again, it just doesn't seem intuitive to me If anyone has any suggestions on any of this, it would be greatly appreciated. Scott
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