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  1. True, I don't think it will work anymore. Gonna edit the post.
  2. Hi, thanks for your answer. It is kind of sci-fi, I have reinstalled OS X, just for fun :-( , no change. I will investigate yet. It irritates me. I don't know about anything of such nature (monitoring clicks). Better Touch Tool I have installed and I am trying now but only after your message and btw thanks for the tip :-). If anybody has any idea, it would be great. Thanks! I have here installed these apps: Alfred 3.app Mission Control.app App Store.app Notes.app Automator.app Photo Booth.ap
  3. Hi, has anyone encountered this? When I open action menu (e.g. file action menu or script filter of some workflow) and I click some action which is highlighted it sometimes does nothing. I count it is ignored like 1/3 of the cases. Sometimes I click even twice in concession and it is ignored. It is probably somehow related to the new MacBook pro which I have bought recently. Before I worked with Alfred happily every day for like two years and this issue is not familiar to me. I have the new MacBook pro for 10 days and from the beginning the issue is present.
  4. Hi Emmanuel, I am very sorry for the late reply. From the error it seems that you don't have created Today project or synced it with the local configuration. Contact me on Skype, if you will, joe.erneker, we can solve it easily I believe. Thanks. Joe
  5. Hi b_d_m_p, glad to hear that you are interested :-). The command for setting up the credentials is: set:asana:credentials personalaccesstoken:workspace_name - not project. You have tried this? What do logs say? You may find them here $HOME/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.herokuapp.jotc.asana/asana.log. Also you may find next to the log file a config file into which the workflow saves the data. Have a nice day :-). Joe
  6. Hi everyone, here is a workflow for Alfred integration with Asana. It integrates through concept of GTD. Also it integrates with AnyBar and Atlassian Jira. It is quite advanced so check the documentation here: https://jotc.herokuapp.com/software/alfred_workflows#asana_workflow. It basically looks like this: It is written in Ruby, dependencies are listed in readme with guidance. THE WORKFLOW IS DEPRECATED. I use now an alternative written in Golang but it doesn't include a cloud solution (thus not synced between mobile and computer) so I don't offer it y
  7. Hi everyone, here is a workflow for searching through Stash repositories, it retrieves all repos and projects from the server which you have rights to and shows it in list, when you click on an item the specified repository will open in your default browser. It is written in Ruby, dependencies are listed in readme with guidance. Here it is: https://jotc.herokuapp.com/assets/stash.alfredworkflow You may as well check it out on my web: https://jotc.herokuapp.com/software/alfred_workflows Have a nice day Joe
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